How to choose a flattering plus size swimwear?

How to choose a flattering plus size swimwear?

What is the best swimsuit for a big belly

Nowadays, women's fashion plus size have come a long way with choices and selections more exciting than in the past. Exotic prints, stripes, solid colors, delicate prints - the sky is the limit today for choosing large size swimwear.

Fortunately, online shopping brings you more choice and convenience than ever, so you can easily find the perfect swimsuit.

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How do I choose a flattering swimsuit

Here are ten tips to keep in mind when shopping for the most flattering and comfortable swimwear styles:

  • 1. For shorter bodies, try vertical stripes, this can add length to your body,

  • 2. Increase the length of your legs with a high thigh,

  • 3. Look for a strong thoracic support with undercables and padding.

  • 4. For a one-piece suit, pay attention to the length of the body. You want a comfortable fit, too short and you will find the suit stuck in your shoulders,

  • 5. Look for wide straps - they offer more support and comfort

  • 6. Dark colors like black have a nice slimming effect,

  • 7. For big belly, try a two piece tankini: it's fashionable, comfortable and fun!

  • 8. Look for swimwear styles with extra belly control,

  • 9. Try to hide the bottom of the thighs and stockings with skirts,

  • 10. The sarong envelopes and sarongs not only cover the problem areas, they are also very elegant.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimwear

Size and comfort are two key features to look for when buying a swimsuit. You will want to choose the size that suits you best. If your swimsuit is too small, bulges will appear.

If you want to be active in your swimsuit, for example by practicing water sports, a one-piece suit or a fitted tankini are popular choices.

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