Have a fabulous time under the sun in MiMorena swimwear!

Have a fabulous time under the sun in MiMorena swimwear!

What can I wear to the beach besides a swimsuit

Diving in the waters is fun, especially on hot summer days. Of course, if you plan to go on vacation to an exotic island (or at least in a place where this kind of theme is topical), it becomes even more exciting and what better way to have fun than to post your goodies with all the other lean bodies? Well, maybe for the perfect numbers, but not for the plus size girls ... think again.

Enjoying the sun, the beach and all that goes with it (like the flattering glances of handsome guys while tanning) is not limited to certain body types and sizes.

Yes, do not be small and everything can make you aware of the possibility of getting dressed and showing a little skin (okay, a lot of skin), but that does not have to be an uncomfortable experience, especially with the fabulous Plus size of Avenue swimwear collection.

What to wear for swimming lesson

Honestly, Avenue's big-size swimwear line does not even look like a plus size line. The designs range from vibrant tropical prints to more sophisticated and elegant looks. Avenue has skirts, swimsuits and bathing suits that will make you feel feminine.

The Avenue swimwear line is designed to fit in your stomach with its built-in tummy tamer, to give you more control and make you thinner. The cuts are just as wonderful: they perfectly fit the feminine contours. If the women of the French Renaissance were alive, they would have liked their portraits to be made with the skirts.

Avenue swimsuit cuts will accentuate your trumps and show off your figure, even helping you create a flattering illusion if you need it.

Best swimsuits from MiMorena beachwear

Colors range from earth tones to more monotonous dark colors like black and navy, to help you lose weight. The empire cuts will lift your chest and lessen the attention to your belly, and will also give you a wider aspect of the hips.

In addition, Avenue offers an alternative way to cover itself if you ever become aware of yourself, with their beautiful caftan - it is airy and comfortable, with a V-neck and a complex design that will help you to refine your silhouette. at the same time. make you feel more attractive

Try the swimsuit inspired by Bali wide straps to be able to wear as a halter or as a headband that, anyway, will look great with its bright colors. You can also opt for the Avenue Avenue skirtini batik, featuring a pretty ring to show off your cleavage with the contour bra and sewn cups to help you. There are many other choices and designs of swimsuits. Just visit the Avenue website to find out about your large swimwear needs, and you'll be ready for some fun in the sun.

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