Italian swimsuit industry over the world

Italian swimsuit industry over the world

Italian swimsuit industry data

In English and New Zealand and some areas of Australian English, both pieces are usually called togs.

A little history: without doubt, since 1400 BC. JC Roman and Greek competitors were used for outfits as comparable as the swimsuits at the cutting edge of technology (this is all around the frescoes and discoveries of this remarkable period).

This term is less common in different parts of the Commonwealth where it can also refer to wholesale clothing.

In any case, swimming swimming outfits (bathing suits) and playing with water sports exercises, go back to the end of XIX century. Obviously, talking about ladies swimsuit, they were one-piece bathing suits meant to shroud any twisted, fem

Different types of Italian women swimwear

Swimsuits can be tight or fit freely and go clothes intended to preserve the discretion possible clothes intended to discover the largest possible part of the body without fon

Despite what we could expect, the two-piece swimsuits today were made and presented on the market by the Parisian designer Lous Reard (the two-piece word comes from a Marshall Islands atoll).

They are regularly fixed with a texture that prevents them from becoming simple when wet.

Normally this advancement on ladies' swimsuit outfit - with exposed gluteus and gut, incited noise and constraint in United States, where just in the 50's was certainly acknowledged and presented in the market.

The Italian industry of women swimsuit

A bi-piece or a bi-piece is a kind of women's swimsuit, described by two distinct parts, one covering the breasts, the other the fork, leaving a revealed area between the two garments.

These days, following the course of the past, the Italian generation of swimming outfits covers a major piece of the business speaking to research, offering and buying volumes of swimsuit.

Usually worn in a stuffy climate and keeping in mind that swimming. The states of the two pieces of a swimsuit intensely occupy the ladies' clothes and the lower part of a two-piece piece can therefore extend from the most remarkable of the straps or g-s.

This is probably due to the extraordinary convention, as well as to the division of style of the summer swimsuit, as well as to the advancement of the design clothing industry, ready to offer a pattern and characterize the design on a planetary dimension.

How Italian became famous in the bikini sector

For an absolute globalization of swimsuits, it is essential that Italian companies dedicated to the creation and improvement of the summer swimsuit adopt the progress of the powered fabric that will allow a global perception and a complete realization of

For this reason, Toscana Chiarugi offers a sophisticated understanding and skill in the online generation and closure of swimwear due to time-limited speculation and the recognition of another online inventory showing the different

Chiarugi is a point of reference on the web for swimsuits and underwear contracts. Her clients are Italian and women in the end. They wish to be distinguished by their femininity and their glory.

Another result of contrasting "made in Italy" clothing and the European and international competition!

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