Italian swimsuit industry over the world

Italian swimsuit industry over the world

Italian swimsuit industry data

In English and New Zealand and in some areas of Australian English, the bikini is usually called togs.

A bit of history: In all likelihood, since 1400 BC. BC, Roman and Greek athletes were used to wearing costumes as similar as modern bikinis (this is well shown on the frescoes and discoveries of this historical period).

This term is less common in other parts of the Commonwealth where it can also refer to clothing in general.

However, the appropriate swimwear (swimsuits) finalized for recreational and water sports activities date back to the late 19th century. Of course, speaking of women's swimsuits, they were one-piece swimsuits designed to hide any sinuous female form.

Different types of Italian women swimsuits

Swimsuits can be tight or tight and go from the garment designed to preserve as much as possible the modesty to the garment designed to reveal as much as possible the body possible without real nudity.

On the contrary, modern swimsuits in bikini were created and introduced on the market by the Parisian engineer Lous Reard (the word bikini comes from a Marshall Islands atoll).

They are often lined with a fabric that prevents them from becoming transparent when wet.

Naturally, this innovation on the women's swimsuit - with the buttocks and belly bare - caused clamor and mistrust in the United States, where only in the 50's was definitely accepted and introduced to the market.

The Italian industry of women swimwear

A bikini or two-piece is a type of women's swimsuit, characterized by two distinct parts, one covering the breasts, the other groin, leaving an area not covered between the two garments.

Today, after years of experience and style, Italian swimwear production covers a large part of the research, supply and purchase of swimwear volumes.

It is often worn in warm weather and swimming. The shapes of the two parts of a bikini look a lot like women's underwear and the bottom of a bikini can go from thong or thong more revealing to briefs through the shorter shorts to the square cut.

This is probably due to the great tradition, as well as to the summer swimsuit fashion sector, as well as to the development of the manufacturing of the fashion apparel industry capable of offering a trend and defining fashion at the planetary level.

How did Italian became famous in bikini business

For a total globalization of swimsuit products, it is essential that Italian companies dedicated to the creation and development of summer swimwear adopt advanced Web technologies that will allow a global visibility and a complete satisfaction of the demand of the bathing suit. sector.

To this end, Toscana Chiarugi offers her experience and professionalism in the production and sale of swimwear online through promotional investments and the creation of a new online catalog illustrating the new summer collection.

Chiarugi is a reference point on the web for the sale of swimwear and lingerie. Its users, not only Italian, but also feminine, wish to be distinguished by their femininity and their prestige.

Another result obtained by the manufacture of "made in Italy" garments compared to the European and international competition!

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