A perfect bikini quest - and how to find it?

A perfect bikini quest - and how to find it?

In search of the perfect bikini

I collect my bags for a trip to Costa Rica and I understand that the majority of my two pieces ... well, they just do not look like me. So, I do whatever any thing would do, I go online to start my scan for the ideal two-piece. The

In my hunt, I reviewed a fascinating organization created by a Brazilian lady who was leaving for university in the United States and was confused by the swimsuit she was seeing. So she did what every disappointed lady would do - she started her own swim

I recently sat down with Yuliya, the creator of mimorena beachwear, at a Dubai café in Jumeirah Beach, to discover more and more about her, mimorena beachwear and the search for the perfect swimsuit ...

I am very grateful to you, Yuliya, for agreeing to take some time out of your busy schedule, could I ask you to tell us progressively why you started wearing mimorena beachwear?

Meeting with the founder of MiMorena Beachwear

Yuliya: "[laughs] Yeah, I guess I'm pretty much the same as most ladies, because I was constantly disappointed when it was time to go out or head to shore, would go into this "two-part alarm" since it was hard to discover a two-piece t

I was not used to this inclination by an effort of imagination, I lived childhood in Brazil and there, the shoreline and swimsuits are really part of the way of life. Brazilians like to display and invest energy with their loved ones

In summary, I was around the earth and certainly intrigued by the design of the swimsuit and two pieces, so this dissatisfaction escaped me - I started mimorena beachwear. ".

I have often heard you talk about the "immaculate swimsuit" - would you be able to reveal more and more what you mean by that?

What is a two piece swimsuit ideal for women

Yuliya: "Well, the ideal two-piece is the one that contains everything we want all the ladies in. It has to be made up of excellent Lycras, popular enough to make sure that not all women on the shore wear it and especially need of

Both pieces and style go hand in hand with the hip and constitute a considerable extension of our identities. the perfect swimsuit thus pulls these pieces into a small package ... [laughs] "

Little doubtless ... For our readers who do not know your lines in two parts, how would you represent them?

Yuliya: "I think the most ideal approach to represent them is that most of our swimsuits are small, attractive, fashionable and fun.We introduce ourselves as a supplier of small size Brazilian swimsuits. and it's precisely in my brain w

Why are mimorena beachwear the best swimsuits?

Everyone can sell swimwear, but mimorena beachwear is a supplier because we are very proud of our structure, the manufacturing, the materials we use and our administration and we do not deal with them either. I am continually convergent

Today, buyers demand high demands. However, they are also loyal to the organizations they trust and work well for them. So I suppose that our gigantic development is a vote of our customers truly. "

mimorena beachwear is currently one of the fastest-growing miniaturized swimwear organizations to grow. What plans do you have for the coming season?

Yuliya: "Lycras, the prints and the cuts are constantly changing, that's all I'm going to say, I can not tell you what we're going to do, but I'll say you'll love our new thoughts and we will not be able to not to freely focus on our identity - a provocatively decent two-piece sacred

Professional life with MiMorena beachwear

My immediate staff and representatives are probably the most capable and imaginative people I know - they are extremely critical to Look. So when you work with qualified and innovative people, then only beneficial things

How do men get into the mimorena beachwear equation?

Yuliya: "Well, they are extremely motivated by the need to wear pretty swimsuits and pretty swimsuits." There is nothing better for the certainty that the woman realizes that she realizes that "what whatever his possession. "

Try not to understand me, a reliable lady does not need the consent of someone to have a solid sense of self, but also to let go, to have a good time and to be considered is such a push and is useful for all ages ... [laughs] ".

Micro or Brazilian Bikini

What could you say to some of the ladies who may have never worn a small piece or two Brazilian pieces before?

Yuliya: "They should definitely try their luck and draw tracks in a direction opposite to those exhausting costumes that hide everything.I am going to the shores of the whole world and I am still amazed at how some people can say that

We have a large number of ladies and couples who buy from us when they go on a couple excursion or not, whether for the pontoon, the pool or any other place. It's a promoter of immense certainty that people are watching the side of their eye

It was fun, ten years ago, the string simply wore the majority and now, everyone wears them. I'm not saying that the smaller ranges and the two Brazilian pieces will take control of traditional and traditional customs.

Challenge standards with a bikini

I understand that it's really about whether the lady has a bit of a diabolical side who likes to show or challenge standards. If she would, at that point, I would say that everything is at stake and that we are trying, we have not heard any grievances yet.

Well, thank you Yuliya for being with me and telling us a bit more about your organization. So many of my companions have asked that I complete an article about your organization and I am extremely happy to be able to participate.

Yuliya: "I'm glad Jessica likes me".

mimorena beachwear is a supplier of top quality swimwear, micro and Brazilian. They have workplaces in Dubai and Paris.

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