Swimwear tips to find the perfect swimsuit flattering your body type

Swimwear tips to find the perfect swimsuit flattering your body type

How to choose a swimsuit

It's swimsuit season and, although the idea may send some women screaming and running to the hills, there is hope to find the perfect swimsuit to show off your trumps.

Although the right swimsuit is an essential part of your wardrobe, it's important to remember that swimsuits are not the size of most clothes. In fact, you should try one or two sizes larger than the size of your clothes.

Should you get a swimsuit a size smaller

Even if you hesitate to mount a size, do not get caught. The right fit is what matters. When you find a costume that you like, raise your arms, lean forward, sit back and walk around to make sure it will not gather or go up.

With so many styles of swimsuits on the market, it's important to note what works for your body and what does not work. For example, when shopping for a tankini, make sure that the stomach part of the suit rests well against your belly, without being too tight. If it is too tight, your stomach will swell and do more harm than good.

And when choosing patterns, remember that vertical stripes are more flattering than horizontal stripes. In fact, striped patterns with different size lines seem the best.

How to get a swimsuit flattering my butt

When trying on a swimsuit bottom, make sure your skin is not bulging by the waist or the legs. If so, try again to increase the size. If the problem persists, consider a different background style. In general, a stocking with one leg opening one inch below the hip bone is the most flattering.

Remember, funds stretch when they are wet. Make sure the bottom is tight where it will not sag in wet weather. Boys shorts do not disguise hips, big breasts, or thighs - in fact, they only accentuate your problems.

Selecting a flattering swimsuit top

If you are looking for a high underwire, it will fit you as your best bra. The frames should lie flat on the skin, without chest sneaking from underneath.

For most women, lateral cleavage is a problem. From your armpits, ¾ of the chest should be covered. And for big busts, a halter top or a frame top offers the best support and coverage. The high halter with a wider band provide the most support.

How to flatter my boobs in a swimsuit

For swimsuits, the neckline is not everything. Most women like to focus on their bust, but the mattress topper is not the answer. Stay away from large push-up cushions. The foam holds the water like a sponge and tends to pull up, giving a saggy and unattractive appearance.

If you want to add some extra padding to your top, choose a fine cushion that looks natural. Most pads can be cut to fit any style. To prevent the pad from slipping, insert it into the top liner or sew it at the top.

How to select a swimsuit for your body type

All of these swimsuit tips can be staggering when you're looking for a swimsuit, but simply keep the following style tips in mind when shopping around and try a swimsuit:

  • short chest: vertical stripes or prints will lengthen your body.

  • Torsos long: high lines and necklines shorten the length of the body. Stay away from vertical stripes.

  • Hide your belly: styles that focus elsewhere are preferable. Try a printed top with solid pants. Also Try a piece that thins the torso or that will move the eyes towards the line of the bust. Tankinis Also works very well to Hide your belly.

  • Boy-shaped body: look for styles that create a size. Avoid ordinary costumes.

  • small chest: bold prints and bright colors Always flatter. bandeau tops only emphasize small chests.

  • Big chest: support should be your number one concern. underwired top will provide the best support. high halters, especially those with a broadband, Also provide good support. Stay away from patterns that enhance the bust. Try a solid top with a printed background.

  • large hips or saddle bags: draw attention to your upper half. Choose styles with vertical stripes, dark slimming colors or bust details. Try solid pants with a printed top.

How to take care of a swimsuit and keep it longer

Once you have found the right swimsuit, you want to take special care of it. Follow these tips so that your swimsuit is ready all year round:

  • Always rinse your swimsuit with tap water after swimming. You should wash your suit by hand with a mild liquid detergent. Some "hand washing" detergents can bleed the colors. Gentle soaps like Ivory® work better. Avoid all chlorine bleaches, stain removers and dry cleaning. Never use bleach and never put your swimsuit in the washing machine!

  • The best way to dry your suit is to lay it flat in a natural air. Never put a swimsuit in the dryer and do not wring it out !!! Avoid storing your swimsuit until it is completely dry. If stored while still wet, it may discolor. For the same reason, avoid leaving your wet swimsuit in a wet bag or towel.

  • when applying oil-based sunscreens, minimize direct contact with your swimsuit. the oils naturally cause the degradation of the swimsuit elastics.

  • Hot tubs and very chlorinated water can discolour your swimsuit. in addition, These water conditions may cause discolouration or discolouration of the embellishments. Limit the exposure of your swimsuit to Hot or heavily chlorinated water or wear an older garment in These conditions.

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