When was the first bikini made? A story of two-piece swimsuit

When was the first bikini made? A story of two-piece swimsuit

Who invented the first two-piece swimsuit

Both pieces were designed in Paris by Louis Reard and Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946. However, because of its thinness, hardly anyone had the courage to wear a garment until the late 1950s, when artist Brigitte Bardot splashed wearing

Back in the present, swimsuits turned out to be of a modest character. Two-piece funds emphasize more inclusion than in the past without giving up their sexual claim. Last season, swimsuit bottoms were upright and upscale.

Shockingly, there was not really any stockings in V, string or string (G). With more inclusion in style, design houses predict that "skirtini" will be the next big thing in the swimwear industry.

What are the different types of bikinis

Swimsuits come in an assortment of styles, the most famous being "Tankini" (a larger top that leaves just a small part of the stomach uncovered), "Bandini" (a two-piece with a bandeau top), " Camikini "(like the tankini outside the top

The exemplary bridle top is still in vogue despite the fact that the "Bandini" was the coolest swimsuit style of last season, with each swimsuit brand creating its own interpretation. For the links that the situation,

For heavier ones, sarongs continue to be a complementary approach to hide the extra pounds, although board shorts are a living option.

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