Tips for choosing the right sunglasses

Today, sunglasses have become the best friends of all. We never leave home without them. We transport them almost everywhere our lives lead us. We never miss every opportunity to sneak out at the blinds counter when we have the opportunity. Sunglasses quickly become indispensable. They do not just dismiss these dangerous UV rays, they also give off a lot of attitude. They are our eyes on the world, especially the world of fashion. The world finally looks more beautiful and clear through the lenses. But with all the variety of trends to come, how to choose the right nuances? How do we know they fit our facial profile?

Here is a list of tips for choosing sunglasses to suit your face:

Square face

You need slightly curved frames with the top high enough on the face to minimize the line of the jaw. Try aviator or wrap styles that suit your mood.

Round face

Straight or angular frames of dark color such as black or turtle will flatter the features of your face. For a good fit, try square-frame sunglasses with colored lenses.

Triangular face

Defined by a broad forehead and a narrow mouth and chin, your face can be completed with fine edges and vertical lines. Elegant oval frames with colorful lenses also seem to be upon you.

Oblong face

Similar to the square face with a little more length, the shape of your face is better with a frame that covers as much as possible the center of the face. Avoid tall mounts, heavy nose bridges, bright colors and square shapes. Experiment with updated classics for a trendy look.

Oval face

With an oval shape, you can choose more shapes than any other. However, never forget to choose frames proportional to the size of your face.

In addition to finding the perfect frame for your face, you should also consider proportional mounts to your nose. Oversized frames balance a wide nose, while short noses should find sunglasses with a high bridge and a light color. The long noses are complemented by a double bridge and mounts with high side bars, drawing attention to the temples.

A good rule of thumb Opt for the frame that is opposed to the shape of your face. Think of the word "balance" and make sure you play with many different frames of shapes before deciding on your final choice.

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