What is the connection between sunglasses, Hollywood and World War II?

You may not realize it, but sunglasses are fashionable today mainly because of two things that are World War II and Hollywood. The first movie stars started wearing them because the lighting of the old movie studios was very hard and their eyes had to be protected between scenes. While during the Second World War, many soldiers wore sunglasses to protect themselves from explosions. When the photos of these objects began to reach a mass audience, they wanted to know where to buy the sunglasses for themselves and an instant craze for fashion was born.

The stories about how certain types of sunglasses became fashionable tend to look a lot like a celebrity or some kind of admirable person who started wearing them, and this has spread from that moment -the. Ray bans (also known as travelers) were popularized by James Dean in the 1950s. At present, the most popular sunglasses for women‌ are known as sunglasses Onassis, as wife of President Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 1960s hippies, such as John Lennon, wore metal-rimmed glasses that were supposed to hide red eyes from their drug use, while "cop" sunglasses were reflective glasses worn by police officers, more famous by FBI officers. Each of these types of sunglasses became fashionable because their wearers were (or still are) considered cool.

So, how do you know which sunglasses are in fashion right now? A good start is to watch what celebrities wear - mainly Onassis glasses, because they want to hide their eyes from photographers. Oakley sunglasses are also very popular right now because they are the first sunglasses to have a built-in mp3 player, allowing you to listen to music with your glasses instead of using headphones and a separate drive. It's even possible to get a combination of both styles, for the ultimate fashion sunglasses.

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