Garage cleaning

Garage cleaning

Imagine a beautiful spring day. You want to ride a bike, go fishing or even have a picnic with your family. When you enter your garage to collect your equipment and have fun, you have a huge surprise: your belongings are ubiquitous, on the ground, burrowed in bends, lost in various drawers. Organizing your garage is as easy as knowing where to start.

The first thing to do is to buy cabinets, shelves and drive a series of nails into the walls.

Storage and sorting are as follows. Classify each object and place it in a place specially designed for this purpose. For example, sports equipment should be placed in a cabinet or on some shelves, tools should be placed in drawers or hung on perforated panels.

Do not discard or think before throwing away anything you have not used recently or something broken. If you have not repaired it yet, chances are you will not fix it. Seasonal clothing should also be sorted, boots and coats off season should be stored in small closets.

Once you have finished organizing, sorting and evacuating unwanted items, you will be surprised to see the floor and angles of your garage. Maybe your car will go back to the garage.

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