Music studio in a garage

Music is your hobby and you want to train with your group.

The only place you can think of is your garage, but you also have neighbors who should not be disturbed while you train.

The only solution for using your garage as a music studio is to soundproof it or build a small studio in a corner of the garage. For this, you need to use two existing garage walls and build two more new sloped walls to improve studio acoustics.

After measuring the angle, you will need to anchor the soles to the garage floor and frame the first new wall. After completing the framing of the second wall and adding a door to it, you have to isolate the walls of the garage to soften the sounds. Then you will hang drywall on the new walls and repair the joints.

The last layer of soundproofing material will be applied to the walls and ceiling. This layer is made of second hand carpets. After applying these rugs, you can cover them with slats pinned to the wall with nails.

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