Security A necessity of garage

Security A necessity of garage

What do you see when you check out a garage for the first time?

The garage door. This is the first and most important "contact" of your garage in the world. If you want to have total confidence in your garage, this "contact" must be 100% secure.

In addition, the door says a lot about you and your tastes in terms of design. You can have a nice house, but if your garage door is white and white wood, it sounds awful when opened or closed, says a lot about your neglect of style and safety.

An aging garage door and opener could pose a real threat to your children or pets. Injuries and death are a thing of the past with new garage door openers and doors.

If you are planning to remodel your garage, one of the first steps is to change your doors and openers.

The old garage doors were heavy, huge wooden giants that rotted and cracked. Although wooden doors offer a wide variety of styles and textures, problems with bad insulation remain real and current.

An alternative is fiberglass material, which is inexpensive, easy to lift, corrosion resistant and low maintenance, but also offers little insulation and safety.

If you want a maintenance-free, durable and non-enveloping garage door, you need steel. They also offer good insulation, consisting of two or more sheets of steel alternating with a variety of insulating materials.

They also come in various textures, styles, shapes and colors tailored to your needs. In addition, you can add windows, including the reflective type, that offer an obscure view of the garage.

In 1991, US law imposed automatic reversing doors for garage door openers. Since 1993, optical sensors have become mandatory. The sensor works perfectly for your safety if something hinders the sensor beam when the door lowers, the sensor puts the door back in place.

The new design also offers more security and quieter operation. Today, the silence options include a Kevlar strapping cart or, the cheapest option, a worm model with a plastic coated rail to reduce the noisy contact of metal to metal.

Remote controls have been enhanced to allow you to find a remote control with enough buttons to control lighting or appliances in your home and garage. Another option for your remote control buttons is the child safety and drop-down security codes that automatically change each time the garage door is opened to prevent the theft of your opener's code.

Even if all these changes have been added to your garage, safety and security are not 100% guaranteed. It is preferable that the installation of a new garage door and opener be entrusted to a team of professionals who can make the appropriate adjustments to allow the sensitive equipment to provide you with the maximum security in your home. garage.

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