Tornadoes, hurricanes, storms and garage doors

Often being the largest opening of most homes, the garage door is usually the most vulnerable to breakdowns caused by high winds such as hurricanes, tornadoes and storms in general. Wind pressure can destroy garage doors during a storm that allows water and wind to enter the house.

This can cause significant damage to furniture, electronic equipment, content in general and the structure of the house. The garage door is often neglected when strengthening the structure against high winds.

Massive building failures and high winds have convinced storm-prone communities that residents must be prepared to use active or passive reinforcement systems for their garage doors.

An active system is that type of specific reinforcement that must be installed before a strong wind. Passive systems are built into the product and require no activation from the owner.

For the homeowner in hurricane prone areas, there are only two real options: a new garage door with built-in passive reinforcement system or a garage door reinforcement kit.

The ability to completely replace the garage door is usually an expensive procedure. Therefore, a garage door reinforcement kit would be a good choice if your garage renovation budget is low. Although it is rather expensive, a new garage door offers a safer and more secure option against a strong wind.

If you prefer to choose the cheapest option, that is to say reinforce your garage door, you can protect your home in one of the following ways: first install pressure or pressure-resistant devices Shocks, such as shutters, panels, accordion shutters on the garage doors or install pressure / impact resistant garage doors that do not require flaps.

If your existing door is impact resistant but the wind pressure is not adequate, install an approved garage door bracing system to increase the wind pressure resistance.

A shock and pressure resistance rating ensures that the unit meets the requirements of the Southern Building Code's international standards for wind and debris pressure, as well as the July 1988 requirements of the Building Code. American Society of Civil Engineers adopted in September 1994.

When adding a garage door brace, make sure there is sufficient and relevant documentation that the product has been tested in a certified testing laboratory.

The product must be designed to withstand positive and negative wind pressures. You must contact a local supplier of approved garage door bracing systems to help you choose the system that is right for you.

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