How to build a garage storage system?

How to build a garage storage system?

There are some sites on the Internet that will guide you, step by step, on building a storage system in a garage. The KNF Wood Products website has published a "do-it-yourself manual" for the construction of basic cabinets, including the structure.

If you decide to purchase the manual "How to build storage or garage cabinets", it will include:

  • Instant access to a download page where you can download the manual. Specific instructions that will guide you through the construction process. A list of the tools you will need to build the cabinets, or suggestions on where you can go to get the work done by someone else.

  • Diagrams and measurements, illustrations, to show you what the cabinet should look like during the construction process.

The price of this manual is $ 9.95, no shipping, because you download it to your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer to download this ebook manual.

TuffRax is another website offering garage storage systems. TuffRax storage units are available in many sizes for your storage needs and are height adjustable. These units fit everywhere on the garage ceiling and can be chosen and mounted as you wish. They are durable and designed to last a long time.

They have a high quality industrial steel frame, powder paint protects against corrosion and rust and they are guaranteed for life. The TuffRax upper storage garage can hold up to 600 pounds. They will not move, bend or warp because:

  • They have a robust industrial steel construction.

  • 12 Point Single Ceiling Fixings

  • The central supports for the front and the back add stability.

Other good things about TuffRax

  • They come in many sizes to suit the cabinet depths

  • Capable of storing bulky items that do not fit in the cabinets

  • You can see through them from the bottom of the memory

  • Open façades save time when retrieving and replacing elements

Good luck to build your own garage storage system!

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