How can I modernize my garage?

How can I modernize my garage?

If you're like the majority of garage owners, everything you want to keep, but you can not keep in the house, goes to the garage. Have you looked around lately? Has your car's habitat turned into a catch-all for all the items you do not use every day?

Premier Garage is a distributor of the Shulte garage product line, made of steel. This includes the "Gridwall" system. The steel grid panels attach to the wall of the garage and allow you to choose the size of the wall hooks you need for the items you want to hang on the wall. This may include ski equipment, mountain bikes, work tools, sports helmets, etc.

Garage Cabinets Online, is one of the leading sellers of storage systems in garages. They offer a wide range of garage cabinets and garage storage products. When you're looking for value for organizers, shelves and garage cabinets, you'll find it here. They also provide free layout ideas and designs. They offer bundled packages of their most popular garage storage units to a great economy for you. Their most popular package costs $ 895.95 and you can place these storage units in any garage. You say how will the layout be.

The basic garage kit includes:

  • WALL panels four feet from 12 stores (60 square feet). These are resistant and weather resistant.

  • 2 boxes of WALL store screws (100 per box), you are able to choose the screw length you will need.

  • Resistant resin cabinets from 2 to 24 inches, with adjustable shelves, easy assembly, adjustable hinges easy to clean. Can hold up to 88 pounds.

  • 2-cabinet suspension brackets - 24 inches. Allows you to hang the cabinets on the floor and in the storeWall system.

  • Large wall shelves with 2 stores. Provide a large wall storage area. This will give you a storage space of 7 feet x 15 inches deep when placed side by side.

  • 2 large metal shelves 12 x 24. These will put your things on the floor and on the walls, which will be a great way to modernize the storage of your garage.

  • Basket 1 shallow. Ventilated basket allows air circulation and visibility, while keeping harmful chemicals out of reach.

  • 2-small baskets. Can be used for any items you wish to store. They are broken down.

  • 1 large tool rack - 20 inches, by 10 inches deep, by 4 inches tall. Will hold all your long-handled tools in one place. Robust hooks keep tools safe.

  • 1 large work hook - 3 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches. Securely holds ladders and other heavy tools.

  • Set of hooks from 1 to 6 inches (6 hooks). Used to hang smaller objects on the floor, wherever you want.

  • Pack of 1 to 4 inch hooks (6 hooks). Also used to hang tools and smaller objects.

  • 1-All the hook - Big. May contain several tools, edgers, extensions, etc. Designed to secure multiple objects in place.

Have a good time upgrading your garage.

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