Where will I find a garage storage bench?

Where will I find a garage storage bench?

When you decide to look for storage solutions in a garage, a garage storage shop can be the most important item you buy. The Baldhead garage storage facility and storage cabinet systems are all constructed of steel, durable and have an easy-to-maintain powder coating designed to last. With sturdy drawer slides for smooth operation and European-style door hinges, these cabinets are the best available. A modular system and a quality product, you have the steering wheel when it comes to designing where and what your garage storage will be.

The Baldhead "Shop System" is the best garage storage cabinet. No matter what you use your garage, this storage system will organize all your items. You can turn your garage into a workspace with the maximum usable space. They are easily expandable and can be added at any time if you need more storage space. Baldhead offers 6 solutions to solve your storage problems in a garage.

Lib Tiff offers an excellent garage bench storage center for $ 199.99. O'Sullivan's Storage Center is a great place to start your storage solution in a garage. These cabinets are made of sturdy blue and black laminates, and have a 1 "thick work surface and a 4-shelf, 2-door that can be attached to either side of the garage workbench. There is a perforated panel support that will make organizing tools easy and convenient, a hole for a cord and a cantilever for a light. This workbench has 3 drawers with sturdy metal sides, durable backs and a large storage area at the bottom with 2 doors and an adjustable shelf. It rests on very strong plastic feet. Dimensions 73 3/4 H x 62 7/8 L x 20 3/4 D.

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The folding garage storage bench is in aluminum and comes in red, white or black baked enamel finish. It has positive lock spring locks to keep the bench top in a closed position, two 4.5 "x 42.5" shelves, a 32-tool capacity and a weight of only 29 pounds.

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