Gas Heaters for Sunrooms

Gas Heaters for Sunrooms

A lanai is a great place to relax. For many people, this is a miniature oasis, apart from the rest of the house. Often, the owners occupy this room with light colored furniture and a multitude of houseplants. Typically, a lanai has a floor-to-ceiling windows to allow for an unobstructed view.

When the temperature drops, solariums can become cold and frosty. Although the sun can keep the room warm during the day, when the temperature falls in the evening, it can fall.

Solariums are cold during the winter months and it is recommended to provide a source of heat. This will allow you to enjoy the room all year long and keep your plants happy, healthy and alive!

Gas heaters can provide extra heat for your porch. If your home is already gas heated, you may be able to provide additional ventilation in the area. Although it is best to install the porch heater when the house is built, this is often not done. When solariums are added to the house after construction, the installation of a permanent gas furnace requires more labor and requires the skills of a professional.

If your home is not gas heated, a portable gas heater is a good option. It is important to know that when using portable gas heaters, it is essential to properly ventilate the room.

There are two types of gas heaters for natural gas porch and propane gas. Propane gas is the most frequently used option. Most of these units use a 20 pound propane tank; the same type used on your outdoor gas grill.

Some of the smaller tabletop units use a 1 pound propane cartridge of the same type as used on small gas barbecues. Generally, these cartridges are found in hardware stores and cost about $ 4.00 per cartridge.

If you have a very large veranda of 1,000 square feet or more, you might be interested in larger portable gas heaters that use a 100-pound propane tank. These animals will heat a room for almost a month without having to replace the tank.

Portable gas heaters for solariums have prices ranging from $ 79 to $ 389. Before investing in a portable gas heater, it is a good idea to search the Internet for characteristics and prices. Some of the best portable heaters are manufactured by Dayton and Sunglo.

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