Gas log heaters

Gas log heaters

It's a cold winter night and you've just returned from a long day at the office. You sit in front of your fireplace, turn on a switch and you're done! - instant fire. This is the beauty of gas log heaters.

Gas log heaters are the same as wood burning fireplaces. The difference is that you will not have to go out to collect firewood and that it does not need starter logs. With a gas log heater, your days of fade will disappear.

The way a gas log heater works is relatively simple. A natural burner and ceramic logs are enclosed in a combustion chamber. When you turn on the switch, the burner ignites and instantly heats the ceramic logs. It only takes about 10 seconds for the gas log heaters to emit heat.

The new models offer advanced electronics, allowing you to pre-set the temperature. Some even include an automatic timer that allows you to preset the time at which the logs will ignite. If you opt for the super-luxury model, you can get a remote control that will allow you to light the fireplace while sitting on the couch.

One of the main advantages of gas log heaters is that they do not produce smoke or toxic emissions. A gas log heater is a good choice for people with asthma or who are sensitive to smoke or air pollution.

A second advantage of gas log heaters is that they do not create mess like traditional fireplaces. There is no dusty ash or fears of hot ashes creating a fire hazard.

There are three types of gas log heaters:

1. Factory-built gas heaters are installed during the construction or renovation of a house.

2. Wood stoves on the floor look like a woodstove. This type provides the most heat.

3. The inserts are used to convert a wood burning fireplace into a wood stove.

Gas log heaters must be installed by a professional heating contractor. Since gas log heaters are connected to a natural gas source, it is best to leave this work to experts and not to consider it as a self-made project.

Gas log heaters start at as little as $ 475 and are relatively inexpensive to maintain. If you burn firewood regularly, installing a gas log heater could reduce your firewood costs by up to 75%.

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