Propane gas heaters

Propane gas heaters

Propane heaters are a popular choice among consumers. One of the main strengths of propane heating systems is that propane has been recognized as a "green" energy for almost two decades. This makes it a source of environmentally friendly fuel.

Propane has been used for decades in delivery vehicles, forklifts and some school buses. It is a relatively economical fuel source and almost 90% is produced in the United States. There is a good chance that you will start to see propane as a fuel source for many other types of vehicles in the near future.

Propane can be used as a source of fuel for your home. Many people living in the mountains or in other remote areas rely on propane to heat their homes. Several manufacturers offer propane kitchen appliances, including stoves, washers and dryers. If you wish, you can equip your entire home with propane appliances.

There are many varieties of propane gas heaters. The most common ones include:

Propane heaters are an economical way to heat your space. The typical propane heater radiator heats a space of 300 square feet and uses a 20-pound tank. Some units are capable of heating 1,000 square feet and require a propane tank of 100 pounds or more. Propane heaters cost between $ 99 and $ 229.

Propane heaters are frequently found on construction sites and in areas requiring a significant source of heat. The heaters are barrel shaped. Most sit on a triangular base, although the larger units usually have wheels. Some are able to heat up to 3,000 square feet. The price of propane unit heaters ranges from $ 129 to $ 3,000.

Propane gas heaters are the perfect complement for outdoor spaces, including outdoor patios and restaurant service areas. These elegant units provide both a source of warmth and light and offer a warm and inviting atmosphere to the area where they are. A very popular model is the table top that works from a single 16 ounce propane can.

Traditional patio gas heaters provide a source of heat and light for patios and outdoor restaurants. The design of traditional patio gas heaters includes a large base for stability and a vertical pole with a heat shield on top. They use a 20-pound propane tank, which is stored safely in the shelter and out of sight at the base.

Propane radiant heaters provide safe heat for cold areas, including garages, cabins, tents and patios. These units provide a radiant, reflective warmth that heats you instead of the objects around you. If you need heat, radiant heat is the way to go. Propane radiant heaters are available in a variety of sizes. Their price ranges from $ 39 to $ 289.

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