Radiant gas heaters

Radiant gas heaters

Radiant gas heaters are devices that produce heat similar to that of the sun. This unique technology uses infrared rays emitted by a heat source. These rays are irradiated until they are absorbed by people or objects. Although it may seem logical to think that heated rays are the source of heat, this is not the case.

When the infrared rays are scattered, the air that surrounds people or objects heats up. When heated air is absorbed, people or objects heat the room in turn. Pretty high-tech things, you would not agree?

As infrared radiation is absorbed by the ground, radiant gas radiators provide warmer ground temperatures. They are an excellent choice for heating booths, garages, construction sites and other places where heat is required in a specific area. Radiant gas heaters do not require a fan and provide quiet, energy-saving heat.

Radiant gas heaters cost between $ 120 and $ 300. Depending on the model, they can heat between 300 and 1000 square feet of space. Many radiant gas heaters are equipped with a battery backup system; which makes them convenient to have in case of power failure.

There are four types of radiant heating systems that can be used to heat indoor and outdoor spaces. They include:

v Radiant ceiling panels

v Radiant floor panels

v Radiant wall heating systems

v radiant heaters

Radiant ceiling panels are made from high density fiberglass insulation boards. Panels are 1 inch thick and one to two or four to eight in size. Radiant panels are capable of heating to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in less than five minutes. Radiant heat panels offer considerable energy savings as they heat only the occupied areas.

Radiant floor panels use a radiant heater that is buried under the floor or just under the floor or carpet. There are three types of radiant floor panels: air-heated radiant floors, electric radiant floors and hydronic radiant floors. Whichever type you choose, a professional installation is required.

Radiant wall heating systems involve the installation of wall panels ready for use. Radiant-walled heating panels are available in gypsum fibreboard or flexible tubes that can take the form of curved walls. Flexible tubes are the ideal solution for use with plaster walls.

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