How are بیکینیs getting smaller and smaller?

How are بیکینیs getting smaller and smaller? [فارسی]

کی اولین بیکینی اختراع شد؟

First, let's go through a brief history of the بیکینی (no laughing at the back, please) and see how we get to the micro بیکینی.

The two-piece swimsuit we know today as the بیکینی has been marketed and sold as such for 60 years. But archaeologists have discovered Minoan wall paintings from 1600 BC. and Roman mosaics of 300 AD showing the بیکینی, so that the ancients lived Yet is the beginning of the modern بیکینی in 1946 and its subsequent modifications that truly define the swimsuit.

The بیکینی was invented and launched by two French designers: Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. Heim was a swimsuit designer who created a two-piece suit to be sold at his beach store in Cannes. He marketed the swimsuit under the name of "atom" (named because of its small size and intended to be compared to the atom, the smallest particle of known material). No doubt it was an incredibly tiny swimsuit.

روز بیکینی: ژاک هایم و لوئیس رید
When was the first بیکینی invented
When was the first بیکینی invented

چه کسی اولین بیکینی را پوشید؟

The same year, Reard created his own two-piece swimsuit. He named and marketed his swimsuit as the بیکینی, claiming he was "smaller than the smallest swimsuit in the world".

Reard dubbed his swimsuit the بیکینی in honor of the detonated experimental atomic bombs in the South Pacific near the Bikini Reef.

So, the name of Reard remained, even if, according to the current criteria, the بیکینیs of the years 1940 and 1950 were of a positive modesty. The stockings were cut above the navel and the tops completely covered the breasts.

تاریخچه رسوایی و دو قطعه ای از بیکینی
Who wore the first بیکینی
Who wore the first بیکینی

ورود بیکینی تنگ

The بیکینی has undergone several changes over time. The designers have experimented with many varieties for the swimsuit, including a بیکینی top with attached props (!), A suit made entirely of red hair and even a version of porcupine feathers.

By the 1950s, the بیکینی was already so small that it could be packed in a book of matches, but an even bigger narrowing was planned. In the 1970s, the sexual revolution in the United States led creators to make the بیکینی even more revealing.

So we had string بیکینیs, which exposed the navel by adjusting the bottom on the hips. The top, too, only provided a bra-style cover. In the 1980s, the popular thong بیکینی arrived on the scene.

The designers claimed that the string بیکینی came from the clothing of Amazonian tribal groups in Brazil. As we know, the string بیکینی leaves the bottom practically uncovered and the back of the suit disappears into the buttocks.

بیکینی در ویکی پدیا
چرا قسمتهای پایین بیکینی کوچکتر شده اند؟
ورود بیکینی تنگ
ورود بیکینی تنگ

کوچکترین بیکینی ها کدامند؟

In the 1990s and 2000s, designers continued to rearrange the بیکینی and innovate new styles. Although stripe and string بیکینیs remain popular, the micro بیکینی has recently been added to the growing selection.

Essentially, micro بیکینیs are بیکینیs that combine a بیکینی top and bottom. Needless to add, it is leaner and more revealing than traditional بیکینیs and hence its name.

تاریخچه بیکینی در ویکی پدیا
بیکینی های برزیلی به نوعی کوچکتر می شوند - The Beast Daily
What are the smallest بیکینیs
What are the smallest بیکینیs

چگونه یک نوع بیکینی را برای نوع بدن خود انتخاب کنم؟

یک کلمه هشدار: شما باید مراقب باشید که وقتی می خواهید یک میکرو بیکینی بخرید ، لباس بیکینی را انتخاب نکنید. نمونه های کافی وجود دارد که به صورت آنلاین نشان داده شده تا تفاوت را به شما نشان دهند.

  • Many sites offer essential tips like shaving her بیکینی line (hairy shows will not be enough). Make sure your pubic area in particular is well mowed.

  • پارچه را به خوبی انتخاب کنید. پوست خود را از نظر خارش و بثورات آلرژیک آزمایش کنید ، به خصوص به این دلیل که زمان زیادی را در آفتاب خواهید پوشید و لباس بیکینی خود را پوشیدید.

  • کرم ضد آفتاب زیادی داشته باشید. شما باید در تمام بدن از دوزهای لیبرال استفاده کنید ، زیرا بدیهی است که در برابر اشعه خورشید محافظت چندانی نخواهید داشت!

از شنا خود در زیر آفتاب لذت ببرید و پوست خود را مدیریت کنید!

شناورترین لباس شنا برای هر نوع بدن
نحوه انتخاب یک بیکینی برای نوع بدن من
نحوه انتخاب یک بیکینی برای نوع بدن من

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