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How To Bake A Fluffy Coco Bread? Recipe - Vegan Tahitian Specialty
66 views · Dec 20, 2021
Fluffy coconut bread
Slicing up a fluffy coco bread from Tahiti
Start by rounding up the ingredients, and mix together the dry parts, flour, sugar and salt, and put the baker's yeast in the middle. On the side, warm up the coconut water and coconut milk together up to around 60°C to be able to activate the yeast. Pour it down on the yeast, and start kneading with your hands to mix it together.
Knead ingredients until getting a ball
Coco bread dough ball ready for inflation
Keep kneading until the mix comes together and can form a self sustaining ball. It might take up as much as 30 minutes, and do not hesitate to add regularly pinches of flour until getting the adequate form, a dough ball that sticks in one piece.
Let the dough ball inflate in a warm environment
Coco bread dough ball inflating in an oven 
Let your coco bread dough ball inflate in a floured container by topping it up with a tea towel on any kind of dishcloth. If you do not live in a warm climate, you will need to set one up for your coco dough ball, for example by putting the bowl on top of a bowl of boiling water, and put it all in the oven.
Get the gas out of the dough ball once doubled in size
Coco bread dough ball that doubled in size
Once the dough ball will have doubled in size, after about 45 minutes, take it out of the warm environment, and press it to let gas escape, it should come down a little bit in size as gas escaped from the dough ball.
Cut the dough in three parts
Dough cut in three parts
Cut your dough in three equal parts on a floured kitchen counter, and roll each of them down as smaller balls.
Put the coco dough balls in a cake mold
Coco dough balls in a cake mold
Put the three smaller balls in a cake mold, next to each other.
Let dough balls rise a second time
Coco dough balls rising for the second time
Let the coco dough balls rise again in a warm environment, by puttin a cloth on top of them and a warm bowl of boiling water under.
Setup a warm environment for dough rise
Coco dough balls rising by themselves
After about 20 minutes, you should be able to see the magic operating, the coco dough balls should be slowly getting the cloth up as they rise in size under it.
Wait for a good rise and warm up oven to 150°C
Dough balls rose to ideal size
Once the size of the dough balls reach its ideal size, about 30% above the top of the mold, start the oven warming to reach 150°C.
Cook at 150°C for an hour
Coco bread baking in oven
Once it has reached 150°C, put the coco bread in the oven and let it bake for at least 45minutes. Check with a knife to make sure it is cooked: put a knife inside the coco bread, and if it comes out moist it means the cooking isn't over yet and you can let it bake 5 minutes longer.
Let the coco bread cool down for 15 minutes
Coco bread ready to cool down
Once baked, get it out of the oven and let it cool down for 15 minutes before getting it out of its mold.
Get the coco bread out of its mold
Coco bread out of the mold
Once cooled down, simply get the coco bread out of the mold and start enjoying it!
Extra tip 1: cool down outside
Coco bread cooling down in the snow
If you cannot wait to try it, take your coco bread outside in the snow to have it cool down faster.
Extra tip 2: reheat coco bread slices in oven
Coco bread slices grilling in oven
To appreciate your coco bread slices at their best, do not warm them up in a toaster, but instead put them 5 minutes in your oven at 180°C, simply getting them up by using the oven's grid!
Extra tip 3: enjoy with French jam!
Enjoying coco bread with French jam
We did enjoy our coco bread at their best in Warsaw Poland by getting an amazing and tasty French jam at label des sens shop on Nowy Swiat, and it was amazing!
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