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Vegan Sports Breakfast No Eggs!
55 views · Dec 22, 2021
A vegan sports breakfast can be a rich source of essential amino acids.

Making a vegan sports breakfast with whole grain breads, soy foods, mushrooms and peanut butter provides you with enough protein you need.

Theorists have created, and practitioners have tested dozens of options for morning meals that give the athlete's body a full range of amino acids, a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats, as well as vitamins and minerals.

In the mass consciousness, however, the image of a bodybuilder having a dozen egg whites omelette for breakfast is persistently cultivated; an athlete laying a spoonful of caviar on a half of an egg; a sumo wrestler chopping tough eggs into a bowl of noodles.

Replacing eggs with protein products of plant origin allows the athlete to get the required amount of amino acids.

However, one should take into account both the relative complexity of assimilation and the incompleteness of the amino acid composition of plant proteins ...

A well-crafted vegan sports breakfast recipe provides the body with the right amount of essential amino acids.

Therefore, the selection of products should be carried out so that the inferiority of plant proteins is compensated by a variety of ingredients, and their incomplete digestibility is covered by the volume of the portion eaten.

If you are not involved in high-performance sports and do not participate in setting world records, you will not need a particularly accurate calculation of grams, percentages and the resulting effect.

Eating a bowl of buckwheat with lentil gravy is enough to replace 18 g of egg white.

Dessert made from assorted nuts, washed down with soy milk, is guaranteed to fill the protein deficiency!

Vegan Sports Breakfast Recipes

Salad, sandwiches, tea

Pancakes with almond milk with orange jelly and vegan sour cream


Avocado with peanut butter

Assorted cabbage with beans

Warm broccoli salad with carrots and peanut butter

Cauliflower with cashew nuts
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