Find prom dresses and other basic items while respecting your budget

The time of the ball is an exciting time. It is a time when young couples and singles meet to dance the night away in a glamorous setting, while wearing refined tuxedos and elegant ball gowns. Yes, promo prom is one of the most important events in a teenager's life. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most expensive events for you as a parent.

Buying prom dresses, shoes and all the accessories that go with it can quickly increase the money. Here are some helpful tips on buying  prom dresses   and other items while respecting your budget.

Budgeting for ball gowns

A prom dress can cost from $ 100 to $ 300 or more, depending on the style of the dress and the designer. Proms are official events, in black link.  formal dresses   can be expensive, so it's a good idea to shop early in different stores or even shop online at the best price for prom dresses. By shopping online, you can often find great bargains on  prom dresses   from designers like Mori Lee, Jovani, Clarisse, Niteline, Dave and Johny, Paris, Riva and Alyce Designs.

The best way to budget a prom dress is to start saving early or put it aside if possible. If the event is to be held in April, start at the beginning of the school year. You will have about six months or about 24 weeks to save for a ball gown. Try to save at least $ 20 to $ 25 a week to have enough for a dress and possibly accessories at prom time.

Cost of ball accessories

Keep in mind that the price of a prom dress is not the only price to consider when budgeting the prom. You should also consider the price of shoes, costume jewelry, stockings, matching handbag, locks of hair, make-up (if you use a beautician or makeup artist) and nails. All of these can cost between $ 100 and $ 250. It's almost as much, if not more, than the cost of the prom dress, so be sure to start saving for those clothes as well.

A buttonhole for her date

If your daughter participates in the graduation party with a date, she will have to buy her a buttonhole in exchange for her bodice. Carnations are usually the cheapest. Orchids are usually much higher. Check with various florists in advance to compare prices. A buttonhole can range from $ 10 to $ 30, depending on the type of flower.

Tickets and ball pictures

Other costs to consider are tickets and photos of the ball. Prom ticket prices vary depending on where you live in the United States. Prices for Prom images may also vary depending on the number of prints ordered. Many prom photographers expect immediate payment, so keep this in mind as an early budget item.

Visiting an online resource for dresses and prom accessories could be the best solution for keeping your budget. Specialized graduation websites do not usually have the high overhead costs of a DIY store, so they can take advantage of the savings. In addition, you can find a wide variety of prom items that you might not find in a local store.

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