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Why Does He Want To See You In A Bikini?
374 views · Dec 20, 2021
Secrets Of Love And Harmony In Relationships

The relationship between a man and a woman is a thin thread woven from feelings, mood, emotions and spiritual values.

Harmonious relationships are built on basic values: love, trust, mutual understanding and respect.

Today, many couples build their relationships on the wrong values, they read money as basic.

However, such a relationship does not last long and is doomed to break, because nothing connects people, neither sympathy for each other, nor respect, nor mutual understanding.

Such couples have no common interests and spiritual values, they are connected only by money.

True harmony in a relationship

Spiritual values ​​are violated, only physical needs remain, and such an attraction sooner or later passes, people quickly get bored with each other.

True harmony in a relationship is a combination of sympathy, love, sexual attraction and shared spiritual values

The key to an ideal relationship

Today such love is a great rarity, people have ceased to truly love, appreciate, and take care of each other.

The key to an ideal relationship is a big secret, everyone has their own criteria, but there is a common one, one for everyone - sincerity.

The wife supports her husband and is open to him, and he trusts her and behaves like a real man.

Secrets of attractiveness

For him, it is important not only the aesthetic beauty of a woman, her rich spiritual world, but also intimacy.

Lingerie is considered the sexiest, our grandmothers also said that every woman should have lace lingerie in her wardrobe.

A man always wants to get closer to the fire

For harmonious relationships, it is imperative to keep “warm” in the house, and the “fire” must be maintained until the end of the married life.

A woman should put on a bikini for her man, attract his attention, then the smoldering passion will never go out.
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