What To Do With Lavash Bread? A Quick Vegan Leftover Recipe
11 views · Dec 20, 2021
Round up the ingredients
Rounded up ingredients for leftovers lavash vegan meal
Get all the ingredients necessary for the meal, which can be vegan or not depending on what you like. Ideally, you'll need one vegan lavash bread per person, about 100 grams of proteins such as tofu per person, and any leftover vegetables you'd like to add, not forgetting the base for the protein sauce preparation, which can be creamy such as cuisine soya, and the sauce to use in your lavash, ketchup in my case.
Brown onions in a pan
Brown diced onion in a pan with olive oil
Start by warming up a bit of olive oil in a pan, and dice as much onion as you'd like on the side. Once the oil has reached a higher temperature, add the diced onions and stir regularly to avoid it to burn. Stay on low temperature as it should only get warm and brown.
Prepare eggplant slices and tofu
Slice eggplant and add olive oil, slice tofu
Meanwhile, prepare eggplant slices, 2 per persons should be sufficient but it depends on your eggplant size. Also, prepare the smoked tofu by slicing it into smaller pieces that are big enough to handle, but small enough to put in your mouth.
Cook tofu with onions
Cook tofu with browned onions
Once the onions are browned, add the tofu in the mix and keep stirring. You can lower again the fire as it doesn't need to be too warm. For increased taste, I recommend adding half a spoon of honey, and half a squeezed lemon per person.
Bake eggplant slices
Bake eggplants slices in oven
Meanwhile, you can put the eggplant slices soaked in olive oil in the oven at 180° with a 5 minutes timer, which should be enough for them to be nearly baked but still tender.
Prepare tofu sauce
Prepare tofu sauce with vegan cuisine soya
While the eggplant is baking, the tofu mix should be about to dry up. It is high time to add some sauce mix, such as cuisine soya, and to even turn off the gaz as it should now have reached a high enough temperature. Keep it on the side, stir occasionally, and focus on the other ingredients.
Warm up lavash in oven
Warm up lavash bread in oven
The eggplant should be close to be baked, and you can add the vegan lavash bread in the oven. The lavash should stay more than a minute in the oven, even less, or it might strip off if warmed up too long, like it was my case - it is then hard to roll it up around the vegetables mix.
Prepare fresh ingredients
Prepare fresh vegetables to add in lavash
If you haven't started yet, slice all ingredients you'd like to add in the lavash, such as salad, tomatoes, cornichons, dried tomatoes. Turn off the oven and the gas if it hasn't been done yet.
Prepare the lavash with ingredients
Mix and match lavash with ingredients
You can now take the lavash out of the oven, and lay down all ingredients on your lavash leaf, the way you see it fit. It is best to put warm ingredients in the center, and fresh ingredients around to keep aromas intact.
Roll the lavash and serve
Roll the lavash in a wrap like preparation and enjoy
Once all the ingredients are in place, roll the vegan lavash bread down if you are able to - if you warmed it up for too long like it was my case, it might break in the process, however it will still be very tasty. Serve and eat with your hands!
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