Men's earrings

Men's earrings

Men's earrings became widely accepted as a fashion statement in the late '80s and early' 90s. They were catapulted into fame by celebrities such as George Michael and Harrison Ford, known for using them . At present, men's loops are still in great demand by men, but they have slipped into subtlety (when worn by mundane people) to become blatant manifestations of individuality when worn by people. grunge and rock stylists. Below, some styles of earrings that are commonly seen nowadays.


studs are perfect for any occasion. They can be made of a solid diamond or it can be a stud of precious metal or semi-precious stone. No matter the style, studs are still considered to be a great choice for men’s earrings. Because they are so versatile, a single 30 carat diamond stud can both be worn on the red carpet and also in the club scene. Perhaps, something a little smaller and less flashy would be appropriate if you want to wear it to the office.


hoops were the original choice when it came to earrings for men. They can either be worn on one ear alone or on both – depending on the style and taste of the wearer. In the 90s some regions in Europe have even established a code, by which a person can pinpoint your sexual orientation by the number of earrings you are wearing and where you are wearing them. Today, jewelers often make men’s hoop earrings in pairs, so, if you don’t want to wear two at once, you can either keep one as back-up or you can split it with a friend.


When actor Jamie Fox went to the Oscars, he wore a diamond ear clip on the earring. The one he wore was very descriptive of the modern style of men's earrings. The brand was so impressive that it was not immediately obvious that he was wearing a clip, because the link between the front and back clasp was so minimal that it was almost unnoticed. This shows how jewelers have improved over the years. Previously, clip earrings were reserved for women because they were often large to fit the size of the clasp at the back. Now they are much more elegant and as demonstrated - have been perfected for use by both sexes.

Ear cuffs and flesh tunnels

If you like to appeal to the eccentric in you, why not opt ​​for more ethnic and tribal earrings. You can avail of beautifully carved wrists or flesh tunnels (if you dare). For some people, they would prefer the quick fix offered by the cuff. These complex semi-tubes attach to the cartilaginous part of the ear without piercing the tissue. It is the ideal accessory because it is as easy to remove as it is to put on. However, if you really want to stand out, you can always try several piercings in the ears or even a flesh tunnel. With the flesh tunnel, you can see how far you can widen this hole in the lobe of your ear.

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