Appropriate Bra Size: What Every Woman Should Know

Appropriate Bra Size: What Every Woman Should Know

Most women do not wear the appropriate bra size. With monthly water retention cycles, diets and general aging, do not assume that the size you had two years ago is the same size you are today (or bra can be worn as long, by the way). Even a change of 5 pounds can change the size of your bra. This guide will help you measure your bust correctly, so you can find the size that's right for you.

While most shops will have a salesperson to assist you in proper measurements, in order to buy sexy lingerie from a catalog, it is important to know your size.

How to tell if your current bra does not fit you

The back goes up. This may mean that the cups are too small or the band is too tight. The front of the group is too tight to leave a finger under. This means that you need a bigger group.

The cups must be fully filled, otherwise you may need a smaller cup. If, however, the cups overflow, you may need a larger cap or a different style of bra.

If the frames are boring, you may need a larger bonnet size. (Or your bra may just be very old, in either case it's time to replace it.) It may also indicate that the side wings of the bra are not big enough.

Good measures

First, you will need three measures: under the bust, upper bust and full bust.

For under the bust, measure directly under your bust. With all measurements, hold the tape firmly but not too tight. For the upper bust, measure above the bust and under the arms.

If the difference between the lower and upper bust is less than two inches, the lower bust is the size of your band (round to the nearest even number). If the difference is more than two inches, add 2-3 "under the bust to get an even number and use it as the size of your band.For complete bust, measure the fullest part of your chest. Make sure the tape is secure around the back.

Your cup size is determined by your complete chest size - your upper chest size. If the difference is less than 1 ", you are an AA, 1" is an A, 2 "is a B, 3" is a C, 4 "is a D, 5" is a DD (or an E) etc. .

Beyond measures

Of course, your measurements are just the beginning. There is something else to keep in mind when looking for a comfortable and sexy bra.

When trying different bras, make sure the area between the two cups is in contact with your chest. Do not make the straps support your breast alone! This will be very uncomfortable for long periods of time, the bra will wear out quickly and the pressure on the braces can cause back problems.

If you find that the band sizes differ from a different brand, you may also need to change the size of your hat. In general, as you reduce the size of the band, you will need to increase the size of your cup, while a larger group will require a smaller cup.

Bra styles

Different styles of bras have different adjustments. Pay attention to convertible bras: Although they sometimes work, it is rare that all possible styles work for your body.

  • Full Cup / Full Coverage - Designed for support, these bras cover the entire breast.

  • Half Cup / Half Cup - These bras cover 75% of the chest. It's a sexy cut that increases the cleavage, but make sure your breasts are not "cut" in the center. Your profile should always be smooth, and if it does not, you need a larger cup size.

  • Bras - These bras offer the most support.

  • Racerback Bras - These bras have a cross pattern in the back. They can have a front or back clasp, or can simply pull on the head. This is a common style for a sports bra.

  • Halter bra - As the name suggests, these bras have a strap that goes around the neck, rather than the usual straps. These bras can increase cleavage and can be worn with halter tops and low-to-center tops.

  • Backless bras - Although some backless bras literally cover only the front, they are usually very low back bras, so many low back dresses can be worn without the bra is visible.

  • Strapless bra - These bras have no straps, but only the group. Some of them can also cover the stomach area, and some even cover the body like a leotard. These longer strapless bras tend to stay better in place.

  • Padded bras / push-up bras - These bras have extra padding in the cups to give the illusion of a wider chest and / or increase the neckline. The padding can be made of the same material as the bra, foam or gel. The gel is becoming more and more popular because of its more natural appearance. In some bras, the padding is removable.

  • Cleavage - These bras have a lower cut than a half bra, allowing you to wear something more casual without revealing your bra.

  • Lightweight bra - These bras have no frame. Although you may be tempted to wear one for a one-day event, if you are taller than an A cut, you may not get the support you need. A well-fitting bra will be comfortable, whether armed or not.

  • Sports bra - These bras are designed to minimize bouncing during sports activities. Although some inexpensive varieties do it by crushing the breast, it is best to choose a cup size (rather than small, medium or large) and wear it as if you were wearing a classic bra. In the long run, this will increase your comfort.

  • breastfeeding bra - For the convenience of breastfeeding mothers, these bras feature a snap button on each shoulder strap so they can be removed easily to feed the baby without removing the full bra. In general, breastfeeding bras fully cover the extra support a new mother needs.

Now you can order all your intimate clothes with confidence! So, next time you find the perfect little black dress, rest assured that you will look great.

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