Breastfeeding bra: the handyman of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding bra: the handyman of breastfeeding

The life of a nursing mother is not an ordinary case. In fact, it's a great example of multi-tasking, doing everything at the same time. Normally, the nursing mother would wash the bottles, do the laundry, cook and feed the baby. With all that comes spontaneously, she needs a durable and reliable bra that comes off easily to feed the baby instantly.

This is where the nursing bra comes into play.

A breastfeeding bra is specially designed for nursing mothers, to provide ease and comfort when feeding the baby. It also gives instant access to the nipples, allowing the mother to breastfeed the baby without having to remove her bra.

However, having a breastfeeding bra is not enough to solve the problem of breastfeeding while doing other things at the same time. You should always consider the right material that makes the breastfeeding bra an effective tool for facilitating breastfeeding.

Here are a few tips:

1. Consider the size of your chest.

Remember that breast size changes during pregnancy and after maternity. And so, the size of your breasts before pregnancy may differ when you are in the second trimester of your pregnancy, and may even increase or decrease until you already breastfeed your baby.

And so, the best time to buy a breastfeeding bra is from the second to the last trimester of your pregnancy. This is because your breasts have already grown larger and your older bras may not fit snugly.

2. Consider the size.

When choosing a breastfeeding bra, take note of its size. It should be large enough to leave room for breastfeeding compresses. But do not neglect the support you need also in a breastfeeding bra.

3. Know your characteristics.

You should opt for a nursing bra with easy-to-remove hook flaps. Take note that you are not simply wearing a nursing bra for the pleasure of doing so. What matters most is the accessibility of your breastfeeding bra that allows you to feed the baby at a time.

4. Consider the added features.

If you want to save some milk before doing housework, you may want to consider a breastfeeding bra with additional functionality, such as a pumping system. Make sure it offers you a hands-free option.

5. Do not look for a under-armed breastfeeding bra.

It is best that you get a breastfeeding bra that is not equipped with underwire. This will only make your breastfeeding tedious. In addition, it could even block the milk ducts, which would prevent you from producing milk.

6. Avoid breastfeeding bras that have a full opening.

This type of breastfeeding bra is not suitable for nursing mothers, because it will prevent you from having trouble getting your breasts back into place.

7. Consider his material.

You should choose a nursing bra made of breathable fabric. This means that the suction cups must let in the air. Cotton is the best material for a breastfeeding bra, although some manufacturers are considering using new types of synthetics that offer the same airflow.

8. Do not buy multiple breastfeeding bras at the same time.

It is better that you test first. Buy a breastfeeding bra first, then see if it is good enough for your needs. If you liked, buy three or more.

Indeed, the breastfeeding bra may look like the other ordinary bra, but because of its special function, there is so much to consider in the first place before buying one. It is best to keep these guidelines in mind so you do not get frustrated. Remember that your baby may be feeling your emotions and, therefore, it may also be frustrating for your baby. With just neglect of the good features of a breastfeeding bra, you end up with a lot.

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