Tips and tricks for big clothes

Fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes. Girl, you're hot! Do not let these sickly anorexic models dictate what you can and can not wear! So take your own confidence to the nearest shop and buy that pretty outfit you were looking at!

The 15 minutes of fame for the flower muumuus and the tent dresses are over! It's time to look for your personal style and tell it to the world!

There are now many options for the voluptuous fashionista. The key to choosing a nice outfit is to set up a nice sometimes risky but simple outfit. Here are some tips:

The most important advice is to buy clothes to your size. Do not wear a piece with bumps or rolls. It is unflattering.

KISS - Keep it simple sista! Dress in one color. A color will help alleviate problems by lengthening your figure. If your complexion is superb with pink, go for it!

Get vertical! The vertical stripes create the illusion of a thinner.

Wear heels. Wearing a heel of at least one inch helps lengthen legs and refine your figure.

Do not wear the low waist! Very few people can do it properly.

Complete your outfit with a blazer and a belt. Blazers and jackets help to reduce your size. Blazers and cardigans should be long and left unbuttoned. Avoid short jackets that draw attention to your size and buttocks.

To help lengthen the neck, wear high neckline such as v-neck.

Glue with slightly flared pants at the bottom. The thin pencil pants leg emphasizes the buttocks.

One thing that is overlooked is the right bra. The proper fitted bra can actually make you look slimmer.

The proportions are also important. An oversized handbag is a great accessory, but a small handbag will make your figure look bigger.

So ladies, do not hide these beautiful curves under baggy clothes! Show off your curvy silhouette with your new style and flair.

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