Garage Rubber Floor

Garage Rubber Floor

If you are planning to remodel your garage, you might consider choosing a rubber floor covering for your garage. This is an inexpensive option for general purpose flooring. The most common uses include parking vehicles on rubber flooring, converting garage space into a playground or a gym.

Parking your car on a recycled rubber mat is the least common use of this product because of two major disadvantages. Recycled rubber tires have very low resistance to petroleum products. An oil leak could therefore seriously damage the ground; The melting point of this type of flooring is relatively low. In extreme circumstances, the heat of the tires may be sufficient to melt them in the carpet.

If you are planning to remodel your garage and you are also considering modifying the flooring, it is important to know the main function your floor needs to perform.

If you are planning to turn your garage into a dog shelter, the rubber flooring will provide insulation against the extreme temperatures of the cement and additional cushioning.

Also, you must consider the ease of maintenance for this type of flooring. For a home cinema, a rubber floor is desired to reduce the transmission of noise.

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