Storage Garage - Shelves

Storage Garage - Shelves

A garage is the ideal home for all kinds of items and activities, from storing sports equipment to tools and machines; and that's why parking has been designed for activities such as a home office, a gym or a workshop. If your garage is only used for storage rather than for other activities, you need shelves for the organization.

Garage shelves are usually found in two main forms built on site and prefabricated. Shelves built on site are generally less expensive and allow you to adapt the sizes to the available space. You can find everything you need at the visitor center, lumberyard, discount store or hardware store in your area.

One of the basics of garage shelves is a simple piece of "plywood" or a length of 1x or 2x of lumber on a set of sturdy shelf racks. To mount it, attach the brackets to the posts directly using long screws, then attach the shelf to the brackets. To reinforce the shelf, you can add a splint to each amount.

Shelves are another type of shelves. One method is to run vertical 2x4's every 50 inches, lay them on the ground and attach them to the rafters or ceiling joists at the top.

In addition, the 2x4 runs horizontally between the uprights, then a particle board is used to create the rack. The most commonly used dimensions are 19-25 cm deep and the spacing between 2x4 is usually 25 cm but of course, these sizes can be changed to fit the size of the items you store.

To store small items, you need to consider the space between the studs. Tie a series of 1x2 strips horizontally to the inside edges of two adjacent posts about 6 inches apart, cutting 1x4 and 1x6 lumber pieces, then placing them between poles and sliding them over the 1x2 you can create small adjustable shelves.

They are perfect for jars, cans and bottles, as well as for other small and lightweight items. The small shelves are ideal for organizing and storing screws and nails.

The best choice when building prefabricated garage shelves is the steel shelf. Plastic shelves may be enough to store light items, but you may need something stronger to store heavier items.

A disadvantage of steel shelves is that they can not be cut to the desired size. They have widths, depths and standard heights. You must choose something that matches your available space.

The possibility of adjustment is another important consideration in prefabricated shelving. Prefabricated shelves must fit at least two different locations within the shelf frame. The adjustment pins must be strong and have an element in place to prevent them from coming loose or being accidentally dislodged.

Another thing to consider when choosing prefabricated shelves, especially those designed for heavy loads, is that they may require a wall mount or other support against overturning.

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