I need more wall storage

Even if you have sturdy cabinets for your storage solution in the garage, you will probably want to add wall storage units and hangers to support heavier tools and equipment. Premier Garage has ideas for wall storage units that will make your garage neat and organized.

Premier Garage is a leading distributor of all Shulte steel calendar products. Their "Gridwall" system features steel grid panels that attach to the walls and incorporate a wide selection of hooks and other accessories that can be used without additional drilling or using tools. You will be able to store your ski equipment, mountain bikes, tools and sports equipment. All you need to do is tell Premier Garage what to store and they will help you design a complete garage wall storage solution for your situation.

A wall-mounted garage wall storage solution is a great way to store heavy objects or those that you use often enough so that they are within your reach when you need them. If you are part of the local baseball team, you may want to put away your uniform and equipment so that you can find them easily in the next game. If you work on your land, you will want to have all your equipment (trimmers, shovels, hoes, rakes, etc.) where you can retrieve them when you need them. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours for your garage wall storage solution.

A workbench is an essential element for your garage storage, and many times a perforated panel behind or on the side is included. This concerns all the hand tools you use most often, some people draw around the tool so that it is clearly indicated where it belongs when it is time to put them back in place.

An organized garage will save you hours of searching for a given item, you'll always know where an item is and you'll get your hands on it in minutes. You can choose from easy-to-see ceiling storage units that can hold items such as Christmas decorations and seasonal clothing that you only need to buy once a year.

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