Radiant natural gas heaters

Radiant heating is a unique technology that uses heated infrared radiation, or "radiant energy" emitted by a heat source. Although it sounds like something of a sci-fi movie, the Romans were known to use a similar technology known as Hypocaust heating. The word Hypocaust comes from the Greek word hypo which means "below" or "below" and kaiein, which means to burn or light a fire. It literally means "heat from below".

Radiant heating equipment is designed to provide heat by the application of radiation heat transfer. The heated infrared rays are irradiated until they are absorbed by objects or people. In reality, heated infrared rays are not the source of heat. The heat source is actually the air that surrounds the heated objects.

When the infrared rays are scattered, the air surrounding objects or people warms because of the temperature rise of these objects or people. Thus, heated infrared rays heat the temperature of objects or people, and objects or people warm up the room in turn. It's a pretty unique technology, is not it?

Radiant heating can be used to heat indoor and outdoor spaces. There are four types of radiant heating systems:

v Radiant ceiling panels

v Radiant floor panels

v Radiant wall heating systems

v radiant heaters

Radiant natural gas radiators are often used on construction sites, garages and other indoor or outdoor locations where heat is needed only in a specific area. They are commonly found in breeding areas and greenhouses because of their efficient and constant heat source.

Radiant natural gas heaters provide heat similar to that of the sun. Because infrared radiation is absorbed by the ground, natural gas-fired radiators provide higher temperatures at ground level. Radiant Natural Gas Heaters do not require fans or fans and are designed to provide a quiet, energy-efficient source of heat.

Radiant Natural Gas Heaters cost between $ 120 and $ 300. Depending on the model, they can heat between 300 and 1000 square feet of space. Many radiant natural gas heaters are equipped with a battery backup system; which makes them convenient to have in case of power failure.

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