Types of gas patio heaters

Types of gas patio heaters

If you are like most people, you will enjoy relaxing and having fun on the terrace of your garden. Investing in a gas patio heater can help extend the time you can spend in your garden oasis. Gas patio heaters are not only a welcoming source of heat, they also create a warm atmosphere.

On average, a gas patio heater can heat a space up to 20 feet in diameter. Some gas patio radiators on the market are capable of heating up to 50 feet in diameter, while others are limited to 10 feet or less.

Larger models of gas patio heaters require access to a natural gas connection line. Some may even require the installation of a dedicated gas line. Other models use LPG (propane) gas tanks, which are the same type as the tanks used to power the outdoor grills.

Propane deck radiators are the preferred choice of most people. They are relatively inexpensive to maintain and do not require the installation of any special equipment. Propane deck heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes. There are stand-alone table units and units, as well as permanently installed units that can be mounted in the floor or ceiling.

The majority of gas patio radiators are equipped with wheels that are resistant to weather and cracks. The wheels are placed at the base of the deck heater so you can tilt and move it easily.

Patio gas heaters are available in a variety of styles. Many are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable and easy to clean. Some are sprayed with a black enamel finish. This style complements patios designed with wrought iron furniture or with a contemporary design.

The design of the gas patio heaters includes a large base for stability and a vertical pole with a heat shield on top. The LPG tank can be stored inside the base for extra security.

The latest models of gas patio radiators include an automatic shut-off feature and oxygen depletion sensors. These functions will automatically turn off the heat if it is accidentally overturned or if the toxic emissions become too high. The oxygen depletion sensor is capable of detecting too low a drop in the oxygen level and causes the device to shut down.

Gas Deck Heaters are designed for outdoor use only and should never be used indoors. When positioning your gas patio heater, make sure it is placed away from flammable objects and in a sheltered area.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance. Regularly inspect the host connections to make sure there are no gas leaks. In case of problems, consult a professional before using your gas patio heater.

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