Spa supplies

Spa supplies

When it comes to spa supplies, you will need a group of supplies to help keep your spa clean and tidy.

In order for your spa to continue to function properly, you will need few supplies for proper maintenance. It starts with keeping the water clean. This can be done by adding chlorine or bromine to your spa. Bromine is preferable because it is not as irritating to the skin and does not have the same odor as chlorine.

Then you need to make sure that the pH and alkaline levels of your spa water are always balanced. For that, you will need bottles of rising pH, pH, alkalinity and a water test kit to determine which one to add, when and how much.

Another spa solution you will need is more of a cleaning product - a stain and scale remover. This will help prevent the spa from fading or developing tartar build-up along the walls or mechanisms of your spa. This damage is caused by the minerals present in the water and can be controlled with a stain and lime scale solution.

The filter is another source of power that you will need for your spa. For each year of spa use, you will need to replace the filter. Monthly cleanings are also necessary. You can clean your filter by dipping it in a cartridge cleaning solution.

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