Basic skin care program that you should know

Basic skin care program that you should know

Many people are often unaware that to have healthy, good quality skin, it is often essential not to follow the basic skin care regimen that you should know and practice.

We often understand how people tend to neglect the idea that skin care must also be part of their daily routine because of the daily routine of work and everyday life. However, many people deny that it should always be part of their daily lives. regular routines.

Basic skin care should be part of a person's lifestyle, because having a healthy skin is also a good way to lead a healthy life, which also helps to ensure preventive measures against health, like skin cancer and other diseases related to the skin.

The first regiment of skin care to consider would be cleansing.

There are many skin cleansers on the market, especially pharmacies and skin care centers. However, awareness should be shared by everyone before going through this process.

For example, take the importance of knowing your skin type, which is essential to also know what type of skin cleanser to use.

This is practically important because there are a variety of skin types that may also be suitable for specific cleansers, because using the wrong type of cleanser for the wrong type of skin could cause more harm than good.

Among the most common types of skin are oily or dry skin, to which varying levels also apply, which are often responsible for the secretions of the sebaceous glands of the skin.

If in doubt about the type of skin you use and the cleaners to use, you can call a dermatologist to reassure you about the cleaning regime that you will follow.

Then comes exfoliation, the process by which dead skin is scraped off or removed from the outer surface, intended to clear the outer layer of the skin from prolonged exposure to dead skin cells, which could impede the regeneration of skin. healthy skin

Some of the most common exfoliation methods are microdermabrasion, retinoids or chemical peels.

Microdermabrasion usually involves the use of scrubs, for which most think it should be done once a week. However, be sure to use scrubs made from tiny grains because coarse grains can heal the outer layer instead of just removing dead skin cells.

Retinoids, in turn, remove the top layer of skin cells, especially dead cells, while promoting the regeneration of collagen in the skin and preventing rapid degradation of the structural fiber of the skin, causing fine lines pores as we get older.

The last is the chemical peel, which is a process supervised and administered by a dermatologist or certified skin therapist, which provides better results compared to over-the-counter chemical peel treatment kits.

Chemical peels usually take about an hour, but can give the best results by making the skin look younger and shaving the face for up to five years.

Finally, always apply sunscreen, especially when you are constantly exposed to the sun.

Indeed, the sun can add years and even cause rapid drying of the skin, which causes wrinkles and can even bombard it with dangerous doses of ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancer.

It is important to be aware of these basic steps, because skincare is not only about aesthetics, but also about basic care, because the basic skin care you should know is also a decisive contributor. to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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