Baby Wants - but maybe does not need new shoes! (Or The psychology of new shoes)

Baby Wants - but maybe does not need new shoes! (Or The psychology of new shoes)

No sensible woman would refuse an opportunity to shop for new shoes. Whether she has 1 pair or 100 pairs, the attraction of buying shoes is too powerful. There is no question about it, the shoes are FUN! Not to mention the combinations of infinite outfits that we still have more fun to put in place thanks to the new shoes! The shoes must look good and feel good for the occasion. As a result, options are needed and the more you have, the better.

Styles change, just like women's tastes. Whether high heels or platforms, square toes, rounded or pointed, flip-flops or athletic, the appeal of shoes is irresistible. There are so many kinds of shoes that all serve different purposes. Hours have passed through shoe shelves around the world to shop for shoes. From $ 5 to $ 500 worth of shoes, there is so much to consider. One thing is usually certain If a woman REALLY likes a pair of shoes, whether she needs them or not, she will probably buy them, regardless of the price.

I know a couple and the woman has hundreds of pairs of shoes. The husband has only two pairs, a black and a brunette. BORING and oh, so not a lot of options. What about style? And does he have street shoes or are these two pairs athletic or what? This does not include of course his golf shoes. Most men have at least two if they are like my father and my brother, both passionate golfers. In any case, he said, "That's all I need and I still have a lot of money to play golf every weekend." It's also a great physical and mental exercise!

Being practical about buying shoes is so old fashioned. Life is beautiful if everything is a question of choice and not of practice. The practicality was for my mother and the time of the practical purchases is gone forever. Now, the plastic rules (with nice shoes) and somehow the credit card bill will be paid. I mean, if we only live once, we should definitely spend that way. Life is far too short not to have the cutest shoes and the best possible. We can find other ways to save money, but please, do not be when it comes to shoes. The days of "have manners" are there to reign and the days of "those who do not have" (shoes) are forever gone.

Another couple I know is trying to shop together (big mistake). Inevitably, and to the great consternation and irritation of her husband, the woman ends up in the shoe department to try shoes, one pair after another. A beautiful thing to see, right? She finds a pair that she likes and says to her husband: "I want these shoes!" Her husband says, "Do you need it?" Never worn because I never had the perfect shoes to go with her. In addition, I gave several pairs that I liked a lot, but not quite. They are so "chosen", "sweet" and absolutely the "most divine" shoes that I know so far !!! The husband gives in, thinking about the bills that are coming due.

Let a woman give you some advice about your purchases:

  • 1 - It is a battle lost in advance.

  • 2 - Do not shop with your wife, it would ruin her day of shopping. Would you like us to play golf with you? I did not mean it. It would ruin your day.

  • 3 - When your wife goes shopping - Expect a marathon and do not expect to go home before the shops close - if she arrived early at home, it would be a pleasant surprise. If she does not - Fix your own dinner!

  • 4 - Never call her on her mobile phone and ask "Where are you?" Or "When will you be home?" Great "NO" and serious interruption of her "therapy". She does not want to be in touch with reality when shopping. Trust me for that shot there.

Girls - Enjoy a most enjoyable shopping experience! Good shopping! Husbands, listen to my warnings and everything will be fine! ET - Happy golf or any other hobby makes up for your serious lack of options!

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