Coach Handbags on Ebay; Do not get scammed

Coach Handbags on Ebay; Do not get scammed

Ebay or other similar auction sites are ideal for finding incredible deals on your favorite Coach handbags. The sad truth is that not all sellers on Ebay are honest. It is well known that people try to sell non-genuine handbags to unsuspecting customers. Do not be fooled by those fake Coach handbags. Do not worry though, there are common traits to these fake products and once you get acquainted with them, you'll spot a fake Coach handbag one mile away.

Be on the lookout for someone who has many of the same purses to sell. There are websites that sell fake Coach handbags at wholesale volume discounts and dishonest sellers often buy at these locations, so they have many of the same bags. The fabric is much easier and less expensive to operate. Be particularly careful when dealing with cloth bags. Unfortunately, this does not make you sure if you are buying a leather handbag.

A good clue as to whether the purse is genuine or not is by paying attention to the photos, they can refer you to a fake Coach handbag. If the seller uses images from Coach's website, which usually have a white background, the bag is a fake. Another tip is the size of the photo. If the photo is so small that you can not see any details of the stock exchange, contact the seller and see if he will send you a real photo of the item. With a decent photo and some common sense, you should be able to tell if the coach's handbag is not an original.

It is important to read the text of the seller's article very carefully. Look to see if the seller mentions that the Coach Bag is what it is meant to be, an authentic Coach bag. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for shady sellers on Ebay to avoid lying flat, they will not tell you the whole truth.

Just like when you buy another item on Ebay, it's a good idea to pay close attention to the sellers. It is always more risky to buy from someone who has little or no return. In fact, to stay safe, I would simply not buy from someone who has no or little return. If the seller has a lot of comments, be sure to read the negative reviews and see if it is about Fake Coach handbags. Remember that if you have questions, you can always write to the seller.

One of the most important tips is to always use PayPal when you buy items on Ebay. When you use PayPal, you'll instantly benefit from $ 2,000 in case of purchase problems. If, after reading all these tips, you end up with a fake handbag, you can recover your money by challenging the deal. It's perfect :)

This article was not meant to scare you. Ebay is always a great place to buy Coach handbags at discount prices. Take a deep breath, and as long as you follow these tips, you will be able to buy purses and very advantageous offers. Good shopping!

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