What is a bad smell in the hole of the earrings?

Sometimes unpleasant odors emerge from pierced holes that earrings may not have been installed for a long time. But the odor still appears even though we clean every day when taking a shower. An unpleasant aroma causes us not confident when getting close to other people for fear that the smell will smell. Here are some of the causes of odor in the earring you need to know.

1. No Long Using Earrings

Not using earrings for a long period of time, can also be a cause for earring holes. Long pierced holes that are not used will be covered by oil from sweat and dirt. You should clean it using olive oil and anti-bacterial soap

2. Moist ears

After bathing, we usually forget to dry the ears, especially in the earring section. This is one of the causes of odor in the earring hole because the condition becomes moist.

3. Never Clean the Earrings

Earrings that we use every day, or made from gold or not we should clean at least 1 time a week. Clean the earrings using alcohol or special soap. Its function is so that dirt and oil do not settle for long in the earring hole.

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