What is a bad smell in the hole of the earrings?

What is a bad smell in the hole of the earrings?

Sometimes unpleasant odors emerge from pierced holes that earrings may not have been installed for a long time. But the odor still appears even though we clean every day when taking a shower. An unpleasant aroma causes us not confident when getting close to other people for fear that the smell will smell. Here are some of the causes of odor in the earring you need to know.

Earring hole smells: try cleaning your earrings with proper products, such as antibacterial soap

In most cases, the bad smell earring hole can easily be solved by cleaning your ear holes and make sure that you do not have an allergy to any earring or other product that touched your ears: think about hats, cleaning products, and anything that could have entered in contact with your ear.

Let’s see in details what can cause your Earring Holes Stink and then how to solve it using an hear  Earwax Removal   kit to clean them correctly.

Earring hole smells common causes

1. No Long Using Earrings

Not using earrings for a long period of time, can also be a cause for earring holes. Long pierced holes that are not used will be covered by oil from sweat and dirt. You should clean it using olive oil and anti-bacterial soap.

Using new earrings after a long period not wearing any of them can lead to earring holes stink by the combination of dirt, and eventually skin issues.

Get quality earings for which you have no skin issue, and consider getting rid of old ones. To do so, consult a specialist, and avoid metals to which your skin develops a reaction such as earring hols stink which might be caused by this allergy or intolerance.

2. Moist ears

After bathing, we usually forget to dry the ears, especially in the earring section. This is one of the causes of odor in the earring hole because the condition becomes moist.

In that case, make sure that your  Bath Towels   are clean, and consider getting new ones. Make sure that they are hypoallergenic and it should help drying your earhols properly and solve the earring holes stink that might be due to that reason.

3. Never Clean the Earrings

Earrings that we use every day, or made from gold or not we should clean at least 1 time a week. Clean the earrings using alcohol or special soap. Its function is so that dirt and oil do not settle for long in the earring hole.

Start by getting  Antibacterial Soap   for a quick cleaning of your ears, and consider the next option: a complete hear  Earwax Removal   with an appropriate kit, as  Antibacterial Soap   will only clean the outside of your ears.

4. Solution to earring holes stink problem

The best way to remove the bad smell earring hole that you might be experiencing, is to clean your ear holes properly using an Hear  Earwax Removal   Kit for Ear Cleaning and Irrigation that will correctly get out any wax stuck in your ears, without hurting yourself.

Solve earring holes stink with an earwax removal kit

With this comprehensive kit, everything you need for ear cleaning is included, and it works better than any other ear wax remover for impacted ears. It is the very same ear irrigation kits as those used by doctors, but you can do this yourself at home, and solve your earring hole smells yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make your earrings not smell?
The best and most effective way to remove bad smell from an earring is to properly clean the holes in your ears with a professional ear cleaning and rinsing kit that will properly remove the wax without harming yourself.

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