If the dress shoe is suitable for women, buy it!

If the dress shoe is suitable for women, buy it!

In this era of enlightenment, how come we still call them dress shoes for women?

Of course, most of the time, we wear our dress shoes for women with a dress, but most of the time, we also wear them with our fitted pants, our suits and our jeans. But we do not call them "tailored pants", do you?

And how come we always wear these four-inch stilettos, when we know how difficult it is to stay out of the cracks on the sidewalk, even in our flat shoes?

Do not you think we might have learned a lesson now? The. . . Damn. . . things. . . hurt. And they also damage our spine, calf muscles, causing onions and other equally gross malformations of our feet.

But if Sex and the City taught us anything about 21st century world habits, it's that Carrie seemed stunning in her Manolo as she ran, yes, she was running along Park Avenue for to meet the handsome girl she had seen scroll by time. The moral of the story is: "Yes girls, your designer dress shoes will never make you lose your man!"

So here are my not very serious tips on how to have a wardrobe full of fabulous dress shoes for women:

Make the shoe salesman your "new best friend". He or she will be part of a very, very special relationship - you and your new dress shoes.

Forget comfort when you have class! Look at these things! You do not have to just have them? Regardless of the fact that they feel as if you had metal clips on your toes? Anyway, you can still sit somewhere after an hour or two, well, can not you?

Remember that the cost is not equal to comfort when you buy designer dress shoes If they cost two months salary, they are worth it.

When you're trying on your dress shoes, check your appearance from all angles - sitting, standing, lying on your stomach or lifting - you'll need to know what you look like when you're down on your stomach after falling off your 4 peaks. thumb.

Far be it from me to postulate to learn nothing from our ancestors (oops, I mean mothers!), But as long as Mr. Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and other great masters of shoe design continue to make designer dress shoes still) that are just dying-for, well, the onions are damned, I'll die for them!

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