The many faces of the keychain

If the keys open the door to all the things that are rich and beautiful in this world, then it's not the keys but the keychains that are the most powerful things in this world, because they connect the keys together. Traditional key chains are known for their exquisite gold and silver craftsmanship, while their cousins ​​of the present day are the little wonders of technology.

The key chain utilities limit them inside large offices for mandatory reasons. Those carrying a handful of keys can also be called "key packs". The relevance of functional key rings has been somewhat reduced with the advent of modern high-tech magnetic and electronic cards, which are increasingly used everywhere. These keys are ideally hung on the neck or kept in the wallets as they are also used as identity cards.

Keychain uses

Gone are the days when they were the elements of the combination of keys. Take a look at the innovative uses found for recent keyrings.

  • 1. Status Symbols In some circles, silver and gold key rings, whether plain or handcrafted, are a matter of status. People are proud to wear them at parties and social events.

  • 2. Identity Cards Large companies digitize employee information on their ID cards, which act as a door opener when they slide into slots. This type of specialized card is normally used for security purposes. These keychains / ID cards are usually hung around the neck by employees.

  • 3. Flash and UV lamp This type of keychain is powered by a nickel-cadmium battery and has a small flashlight to locate the keyhole. Ultraviolet light chains are used to detect hidden marks in invisible ink. Examples are banknotes and secret messages exchanged between detectives.

  • 4. Souvenirs and gifts Keychains engraved or stamped to mark the occasion of a seminar or university event are proudly distributed as souvenirs by the hosts. Or you can choose a typical one during your vacation in the Caribbean islands.

  • 5. Various Chains You can have champagne opening screws, fruit knives and nail clippers for key chains.

Artistic talent

Although small keychains are strong enough to seduce you with their pure beauty, fun acrylic or metal keychains, comic and popular character keychains are works of art.

A trival trivia question Do you know why hotel room keyrings are unusually big?

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