He Wants to See You in Your Bikini Because it’s Step One in a Relationship

Men are physically attracted to women because of their bodies, but the confidence that accompanies that body is what sticks. When choosing a life partner, physical attraction is not the defining factor. It is just the first step in deciding if you are worth sticking around for.

Personality, values, priorities, background, and one’s self-confidence all play a role when seeking a partner to do life with.

Society sometimes pushes the idea that men must be capable of taking care of their families so this can influence a man’s choice, too. Despite how beautiful one can be, he may decide not to pursue a life with a specific person because of different factors.

Why does he want to see me in a bikini? The motivations behind that question may vary

For instance, some men may decide to pass up on a woman because a pre-existing illness may make the responsibilities of life, like paying medical bills, maintaining the housework, and obtaining and keeping insurance, difficult.

So a man will glance or take a peek at you in your bikini, but the motivations behind that glance may vary.

Why does he want to see me in a bikini?

Attraction is About More than Your Body

Before I had my daughter, I loved to flaunt my figure. I wore tight-fitting clothes and mid-cut shirts. During the summer, I confidently strolled on the sand at the beach. Men were attracted to me, and I knew it. When I wore my bikini, even more of them expressed interest.

I assumed their interest was purely because of the physical attraction to my body, but I realized otherwise after having my daughter. My hips had widened, my breasts had sunk, and my love-handles had increased in size.

In order to carry my beautiful child to term, my body needed to expand in ways that I was not mentally prepared for.

But while my body increased in size, my confidence shrunk. After rebuilding my confidence and finding comfort in my new body, I went back to my self-assured walks on the beach in my swimsuit. To my surprise, about the same number of men glanced at me.

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Having Confidence is Attractive

Unfortunately, losing one’s confidence happens to the majority of women after giving birth to their child(ren).

It took over a year after having my daughter to rebuild my confidence. This process included going to therapy, realizing I experienced postpartum depression, and redefining my identity before I could regain my confidence.

Redefining my identity included creating a new wardrobe. My personality and size changed, so wearing new clothes that fit my personality and body created a sense of comfort. In that comfort, I found confidence.

You cannot be confident in your skin if you are not comfortable in it. When the summer rolled around, I learned how to shop for swimsuits that highlighted the best parts of my new body.

Find swimswuits in which you will feel confident

Confidence is attractive to men. When you walk around in a bikini that reveals the majority of your body, it shows that you are confident. Aside from revealing your body, confidence is shown through how you walk, carry your head, and speak.

When you are confident, the energy you expel is positive. There is no need to be manipulative, needy, demeaning, or cruel when you are sure of yourself. People are attracted to these types of individuals. Your energy is attractive and even addictive.

Negotiating the Factors of a Relationship

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At the beginning of this article, I explained how a male could turn down a woman because of a pre-existing condition. This also applies to a woman who is in a lower social class or even in too high of a social class.

According to Psychology Today, those in tune with societal order may “engage in internal negotiations whereby the value of romantic love is pitted against the value of social status and economic security.”

Dr. Noam Shpancer also explains, “If the love is strong, we may sacrifice security or economic status. If the potential partner’s status is high, we may compromise regarding the intensity of our romantic feelings.”

Many women jump to conclusions when it comes to comprehending the thought process of a male. Women, myself included, forget that men are human with emotions, fears, and worries.

Keeping that in mind, women must understand that the physical attraction is not always enough to keep the attention of men.

Your physical appearance in a swimsuit can catch a man’s attention and land you a couple of dates because physical attraction is one of the first deciding factors. It just does not stop the following factors from weighing in and making the ultimate decision.

The First Look is the First Step to a Relationship

Even though physical attraction is the first step in deciding if a woman is worth taking further steps with, it does not always mean that a man has intentions of taking further steps. Sometimes men just like.

Taking a glance at a beautiful woman because she has an attractive body can often just be that. The underlying reason for this could also be sexual or romantic. Regardless of a man’s reasoning, you should not let his glance deter you or make you second-guess yourself.

Bikinis were originally made to help women tan easier. It was not something that was created for the pleasure of men. They are intended for women to move with ease while swimming and to enjoy the entire pool and/or beach experience.

Choose a bikini in which you feel comfortable

When you decide on the size of a swimsuit, you should consider how the fit of the swimsuit makes you feel. Does it match your body size? Cover all of your curves and bumps? Are you comfortable?

Remember, being comfortable is the key to being confident. You should aim to be confident about your personal well-being. If you are not comfortable in your bikini,  there are helpful guides   and store clerks who are trained in helping you find the perfect fit.

Nonetheless, having a guy check you out while you are in your bikini is not always bad. You now know they check you out because seeing a woman flaunt her physique confidently is attractive and can be a turn-on.

As long as he does not get disrespectful or handsy after admiring your body, no harm is done. If anything, his looking at you should be taken as a compliment or used as a stepping stool for a boost in your confidence.

Bonus: a male point of view

A woman needs a man's admiration in order to flourish. Frederic Begbeder

The obvious answer to the question - what swimsuits do guys like - any! Since for guys the main thing is not clothes, but the girl who is dressed in it. They pay attention to her behavior and sense of self in a bathing suit.

I want to see my partner in a biniki because it makes me remember why we were dating in the first place: what makes her attractive, confident, how beautiful she is, and the efforts she is making not only to feel good but about herself, but also to please me.

If she is not comfortable wearing a bikini for me, and joining me sunbathing, at the spa, or doing other activities that are important to me, it might mean that our relationship might not gonna last, because we have different priorities.

My advice to ladies that are wondering “why does he want to see me in a bikini?” is to think if he is physically attracted by your body – if that is the case, he will surely want to see more of it and show it off, without necessarily being totally naked, but only in occasions in which other people will be around. The best advice: get a  a bright neon color   bikini to show off and make sure that you are the woman of his dreams – and will stay there!

Shop for swimsuits to be confident and strengthen your relationship
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