Tights and stockings ... Oh my God!

Although "casual Fridays" are slowly and happily withdrawing from the corporate world, many women continue to go to the office or spend the evening at the Baroque. Dresses and stilettos may still be fashionable, but where are the tights? As a career woman who considers pantyhose, stockings, tights and their cousins ​​de rigueur, I want to take this opportunity to sing the praises of tights.

I know some women argue that pantyhose is as binding as necklaces for men, but I find it liberating. What I wear on my legs is an extension of the clothes, shoes and accessories‌ that I choose to wear. Just as I would not go to work without my makeup, I would not dream of going to work bare-legs.

The wide variety of women's tights available is enough for you to let off steam (no pun intended). There is something for every taste and every occasion. If in doubt, simply browse one of the online stores that are dedicated to providing women with high quality products. When you do, here's what you'll find:

Tights Today's tights are made in an incredible variety of fabrics, from warm wools to velvety cottons, to silky microfiber blends. You can find fashion tights in dozens of colors and prints that can complement any outfit in your wardrobe. Whether you want to avoid the cold winter or spice up in the summer, tights are a wonderful way to express your sense of fashion and your sense of style.

Tights There is little question that tights put the finishing touches on an outfit. From ultra diaphanous to opaque, from neutral colors to cheeky hues, from industrial toes with sparkling gossamer, tights can reflect your mood, your clothes or your aspirations.

If you like the silky feel of the hose against your legs but do not want to bother with garters or panties in tights, you have exactly what you need. Whether you choose wide lace straps or soft silicone tops flat on the skin, waders will never let you down.

Bottom The attraction of stockings is legendary, not only for the men they attract, but for the feelings women feel when they wear them. Stockings and garters represent the pinnacle of femininity, but if you choose a silk stocking, you will never come back. Wearing stockings is like being aware of an inner joke ... Nobody needs to know you're wearing them, but they'll make you smile all day long.

Bodystockings Some women would never think of buying bodystockings, but that's probably because they never wore them. Admittedly, they may not suit all occasions, but like stockings, they will make you feel chic and sexy at the same time.

When there are so many options available to complete your outfits and make you feel good underneath, leaving your bare legs is a shameful shame.

Tights and stockings ... Oh my God!
Tights and stockings ... Oh my God! 
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