Formal wear for babies

Formal wear for babies

Find special costumes for baptisms, baptisms and other ceremonies

Religious ceremonies, celebrations and occasions are an integral part of a newborn's life in many families. Naming ceremonies, baptisms, baptisms and dedication ceremonies are of paramount importance in the lives of the faithful of many different religions and are generally regarded as special occasions of some importance. When planning any of these events, the parents of the child involved should consider many details, not the least of which should be what the baby should wear for the event. Some religions require that the child wear a traditional outfit while others leave the choice to their parents. In both cases, the occasion requires that the choice of baby clothes be a special event that represents the importance of the event.


Baptisms and baptisms typically involve a christening gown for both boys and girls. The girls’ gowns may be smocked and are typically longer and more “dress-like” than those worn by boys. In both cases the gown is typically white, symbolizing innocence and the purity of the child’s spirit as his parents dedicate his or her life to God and promise to raise the child “in the word of God.” These ceremonies are typical of many Christian denominations, most notably the various forms of Catholicism.

Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies appear in the practices of many religions and nationalities. The practice dates back to ancient times when a new life was considered a gift of the gods. In most modern naming ceremonies, there is no specific outfit required, the appropriate attire for the child being a white or light blue suit or a blouse of silk or other precious fabric. Because of the delicacy, cost and meaning of these items, they are rarely worn more than once.


Some Christian denominations do not practice baptism of their children and consider the baptismal rite as a personal decision that a person once takes to the age of responsibility. This is typical of many evangelical denominations. Instead of the baptism or baptismal ceremony of a toddler, the parents and the child attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of the church members. In most of these churches, there is no adornment or clothing required for the infant, nor any specific style, color or traditional pattern. Parents will always dress the baby with formal-looking clothes designed for a baby. The attraction of these costumes (for boys) and their dresses (for girls) often elicits comments from the congregation on the adorable appearance of a little girl dressed in her best Sunday.

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