Top 6 Latest Eyeglasses Trends in 2020

The first vision glass was made in around 1000 A.D. called Reading Stone. It was a spherical glass used to magnify the written letters by putting it down on the reading material and dragging it. Later on, in the 13th century, Italians invented the first wearable eyeglasses initially prescribed for folks suffering from hyperopia.

During the 17th century, people got a sense of concave and convex glasses, and the eyewear was begun to produce overcoming eyesight issues. Spanish artisans crafted the first-ever eyeglass frame out of silk and strings to make it wearable over the nose. From there, the revolution of eyeglasses trends began. The Chinese then used tiny weights to the eyeglass strings to make it even more stylish and feasible to use.

In the present era, eyeglasses shape your overall personality. Besides, wearing the right eyeglass frames communicates your attitude. In fact, many people amongst us prefer to wear glasses over lenses to add chic in their everyday style. Grabbing the eyeglasses doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have certain optical ailments; nowadays, people even use them to complement their attire.

Thanks to 2020 that it brought a lot of modish spectacles frames matching and extending the decent and bold choices of fashionistas. Take your new shopping inspiration with these new eyewear trends that are a mixture of classic designs and latest material that are smartly finished to ease your social and physical needs.

1. Ivory and Tortoise Pattern Frame Eyeglasses

Tortoise glasses, also called horn-rimmed glasses, are the return of vintage style that details more sophistication resulted from its intricate design. This classic eyewear will capture the glimpsing eyes instantaneously at you.

Where these frames are unisex, you can also use them as sunglasses for spending hours under sunshine by replacing the lenses with photochromic ones. The tortoiseshell theme is the base of this epic eyewear style, and for the occasional use, you can opt among a variety of tones that are available under this style theme.

Shapes don't matter to this style; all you need is a vivid, colorful theme that stresses your modern chic. An extensive collection of these tortoise style eyeglasses covers a wide range of occasions and gives you ample tasteful options. The beautiful color combination of these shell frames also keeps your face look softer and prettier.

2. Oversized Wire Frame Eyeglasses

Big frame eyeglasses are back again with great force. While most people call them tweety's style, others relate them to the asset of bookworms. Despite its usual perception, this artistry is a classic heritage and is now quickly drawing the eyewear users' attention.

To weigh your nose with these king-size eyeglasses, you don't necessarily need to have a broad, round face with big jaws. Interestingly, the slimmest the face you have, the more stunning this eyewear will look at you. Also, the giant-sized lenses inside it give you a clearer vision of objects around so that you can see the beautiful sceneries with natural sighting experience.

In these plain stylish eyeglasses, you've even got various shapes and colors. Some of the shapes are inspired by celebrities' eyewear, while others were worn by renowned historical figures. As per the shapes, they don't name specific. You can just call them as square, round, or smooth edge oversize wire eyeglasses. Wearing these wireframe glasses with  a leather jacket‌  can easily bump-up your simple outfit.

3. Modern-Classic Transparent Frame Eyeglasses

Here we have got the latest trending eyewear style for fashion geeks who want something fashionable but exceptional to make them stand out as different. Irrespective of gender preference, this style goes along with every outfit.

There is even no age discrimination to wear this stylish eyewear. You can wear this, no matter if you're a professional, teenager, or middle-aged soul. These eyeglasses are also best to wear for a party or on a date as they are subtle and showcase your face gorgeously.

Obviously, within this style, you've got a variety of shapes made from the same transparent material, which is light in weight, and that safes your nose from getting any mark. Moreover, these transparent specs are comparatively more durable than others as they are typically made from soft plastic.

4. Granny’s Cat Eye Frame Eyeglasses

Cat Eye eyeglasses, also known as upswept frames, were designed by Altina Schinasi during the 1950s that initiated a new age of stylish eyewear for specs lovers around the world. These retro-shaped eyeglasses emerged as the first-ever stylish eyeglasses as, before them, the glasses were generally made to aid vision that focused mainly on functionality.

In contrast, these eyeglasses were crafted to feature both the performance and the stylishness. From the 1950s till the 1970s, these granny frames captured the fashion industries so firmly that there was not even a single celebrity who had not worn these harlequin eyeglasses.

In 2020, these famous vintage style eye frames have taken a turn back from the past. Though in the recent era, these eyeglasses have been modified a little bit to match different face symmetries.

These classy-style eyeglasses make you look fashionable in your everyday life whether you're on a 9-5 duty or going for a window shopping.

5. Vintage 60s Thick Frame Eyeglasses

Glasses have been experimented throughout centuries for approximately as long as 700 years. The modern eyeglasses were created the first time in the west after the advent of the Arabic book on optics that resolved many optical theories by giving them new insights.

In the 20th century, eyeglasses were regarded as a medical accessory and were supposed to be an embarrassing thing. In the 1970s, with the rise of specs wearers, the demand for stylish eyewear elevated, and the market exploded with several designs to fill that desperate demand gap.

The vibrations of that chic explosion are back with the same intensity in the shape of a classic chunky eyewear trend. Yes, that is absolutely true! Big, bold, heavy frames are trending again and ready to flatter your appearance. There is absolutely no doubt that oldies goldies have returned at a great pace and are being welcomed warmheartedly since, in the recent decade, being different is considered as exceptional and unique.

The thickness of the frame defines the style of this notable trend. The shapes and sizes of lenses have nothing to do with the originality of this style. You can opt for the round, square, wafer, cat-eye, or even heart shape glasses under this style as long as they suit on your face symmetry.

6. 30s Double-Bridge Frame Eyeglasses

The first double-bridge glasses were designed in the 1930s by the Ray-Ban to protect the eyes of open cockpit plane pilots from the scorching rays of sunlight. They were initially intended for use as sunglasses and were called aviators. They shaped teardrops and had more full lenses for better visibility and coverage for the eyes.

These eyeglasses trend regained immense fame during the 80s and became an essential accessory for chic males of that time. Nowadays, everyone is wearing them, and they look amazing on men as well as women.

This classic piece has the ability to structure the face. The retro look of this eyewear adds sophistication in your dressing style, besides these specs smartly go along with both prescription and non-prescription lenses, giving you a stylish look on occasional and casual use.

Thanks to the designers who have skillfully created unique designs out of the combination of metal and plastic. Now you can have different versions of this nostalgic eyewear that have thin, thick, and bold bridges.

Spending on this chic eyeglasses style is a great idea. Especially when you wanted to have something rough and tough that aid your visual needs, protects your eyes from getting in direct contact of sunlight as well as to distinguish yourself vividly as a fashion geek among others.

For two in one solution, add photochromic lenses to this classic aviator. These lenses turn tinted when exposed to the sunlight and serve as sunglasses from light to dark. While in the shade, they work like other prescribed spectacles.

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