Retro baby clothes

Retro baby clothes

If it was cool when you were a kid, it's cool for your kids!

Baby clothes are quite different today from the ones you had when you were a baby. From the Baby Dior and Baby Phat designer styles to the bizarre alternative baby clothing market, every parent now has something to adorn their kids to try to transfer some of their own personality to their offspring. One of the latest trends in baby fashion is the "retro" look of baby clothes.

Retro baby clothes indicate baby-sized t-shirts and "onesies" printed or projected with images of the past of pop culture. In many cases, the images are made up of icons even before the parents' time, making the coolest to be the darkest. Interested parties are not likely to find these offers at the local Wal-Mart but will instead order them online. Fortunately for those who want to give their children a little piece of the past to wear on their chest, these sites are not lacking.

The most complete and probably the best known of these sites is The Retro Baby. Browsing the site offers is like a walk in the past for anyone in their thirties or who has a clear idea of ​​pop culture of the 1980s. The designs available here include television references such as The A Team, ALF, CHiPs and Dallas (the Dallas draw will be instantly familiar to anyone who remembers the summer as the US wondered who shot JR), as well as old images of shows that today's parents attended rebroadcasts while growing up Barbara Eden in her silky outfit I Dream of Jeanie and Clayton Moore in her blue Texas Ranger outfit with the black mask of The Lone Ranger.

Prices for these printed "Onesies" are a little high at $ 14.95 ($ 16.95 for a child's size t-shirts), as the baby will grow up completely in a few days months, but even the most stoic of the thirties will have to admit that they get a certain amount of cool for their money.

Retro does not just mean references to pop culture. Several manufacturers offer styles that clearly recall those of the children of the fifties, sixties and seventies. One of these companies, Cakewalk Baby, offers floral motifs reminiscent of the post-hippie era of the late seventies; At a time when the computer meant petty cash, Elvis Presley was always with us and no one knew what a video game or MTV was. A website called Milena Bee offers these and more designs and certainly deserves a look.

Whether you want to put Bruce Lee's pictures of Enter the Dragon or floral motifs from another era on your baby's body, retro baby clothes may be just what you need to show the world that your baby is cooler than cool. Look hard enough and you may be able to find a T-shirt that says "I'm the Fonz" or "Frankie Say Relax".

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