Dress for Success Career Apparel

Dress for Success Career Apparel

Have you ever wondered why you did not get the job of your dreams? You repeated for your interview, researched the company and appeared to be a qualified candidate at the interview. Maybe it's your choice of career clothes that has pushed the man behind the desk to get up.

Even if it's a restaurant or a thrift store you're applying to, showing up in casual dress is always a no-no. Choosing appropriate and elegant career clothing may increase or decrease the chances of getting a job.

The first thing to do is to analyze the atmosphere of the society to which you are applying. Is it a relaxed atmosphere? Are there a lot of cleaning or storage tasks? Or is it a high-class establishment where employees are always dressed in Sunday's best career attire? Search by jumping in one day to see what other employees are doing. Discuss with former employees the expectations of the company supervisor.

If you are applying for a position in a large company (bank, large retail store, investment company, etc.), only wear polished high quality clothing. Even if you are 20 years old, dressing as if you were 10 years old will give you a mature, professional look.

For career clothes for women, you can choose to wear a white button-down blouse, a black long skirt or suit pants, a pantyhose and black flat shoes. This may seem a long way from your usual clothes, but remember that you are trying to present your best professional image and not your personal taste.

If you wear contacts, put on your glasses. Your hair should be tied in a bun or ponytail securely fastened. Make-up should be minimal, do not wear eyeshadow or lipstick. Career clothing is about looking stylish, sophisticated and able to cope.

For men, depending on the reputation of the company, a nice knit sweater with a collar shirt underneath might be enough for the interview's career clothes. Alternatively, opt for the traditional striped button-down shirt with a solid tie and khaki or black suit pants. No tennis shoes! Try moccasins or polished street shoes.

If you are interviewing for a more casual establishment (such as a pet shop, a newspaper store, or a fast food restaurant) or for heavy work, the career outfit with a black tie may be a bit excessive. Instead opt for comfortable career clothes - within reasonable limits. Wearing jeans is a taboo subject. Choose beige or cotton corduroy suit trousers and a long-sleeved knit top. Keep it simple, but make sure you look clean, well assembled and polite. for women, add a pair of small gold earrings. For men, flourish with a beautiful wrist watch.

While career wear is important to impress your future boss, be sure to choose supplements that will make your face memorable, smile clearly and concisely, master the tasks you expect, and be polite and courteous.

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