How many kinds of clothes are people!

How many kinds of clothes are people!

Even in the modern era, most societies still stand out among social classes through clothing. Unlike the days of the Roman Empire when only senior government officials could wear purple, there are no laws that dictate the type of clothing that people can wear. Social delimitation through clothing is more discreet but still widespread. For example, because of the high prices of designer clothes and accessories, only the better-off can afford to wear them.

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Of course, the garment still shows very clearly what the occupation of a certain individual is. Health care professionals wear clothing that sets them apart from firefighters, police officers or soldiers, for example. Pastors, priests and other members of the religious order also wear separate uniforms, as do some students in formal schools.

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More interestingly, clothes are also used to express marital status and sexuality. Some married women stay away from very revealing outfits. Although this is not an absolute rule in the Western world, it certainly applies to married Indian women who wear special hair accessories to indicate that they are married (just as the rest of the world wears wedding rings). As a rule, singles looking for a partner wear more revealing clothes to indicate their intention to attract a potential partner.

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