Offer fashion with style

Offer fashion with style

Have you ever wondered how fashion trends make it possible to move from the runway to real life?

Before the clothes arrive on store shelves, each item must cross hundreds of steps and travel thousands of miles. This requires well-coordinated logistics for a rapidly changing industry that is already moving to the next trend.

"Shipping is the link that unites our business," said designer Tomer Gendler. Its eponymous men's clothing brand has loyal customers, including many stylists and their customers, such as Jamie Foxx and Adrien Brody.

Since Tomer began his business four years ago, he has relied on UPS to help him bring designs, fabrics and clothing around the world. "When we create a collection, we ship almost every day and every shipment is essential to get the job done."

Behind the seams

Before making his first sketch, Tomer looks for unique fabrics and finishes, such as cashmere blends from Italy, high-tech fabrics from Switzerland and Chinese buttons. After creating his creations, he orders and ships enough yarn, fabric and trim to create samples, which he shows to New York fashion buyers. These are often shipped multiple times by manufacturers in Italy, New York or China until the look is perfected. Tomer works with buyers to decide which parts will be sold in stores.

Then, Tomer and his staff determine how much fabric is needed to execute the orders. The production process is then entrusted to a filing company, which adapts the models to create the clothing line in several sizes. UPS ships models, fabric and upholstery to New York and Italy, where tailors make clothes.

But it takes more than shipping to make sure the clothes arrive on time. UPS customs brokers support complex textile rates to ensure that all Tomer parts are exempt from inspection.

Once the clothes are made, they are shipped to Tomer's showroom in New York for meticulous quality checks. Finally, clothes are shipped to stores across the country and around the world.

If Tomer's collection arrives even a day late, stores have the right to cancel the order, leaving him worth thousands of dollars worth of clothes that can not be sold. On the other hand, delivery on time wins more customers. "Meeting deadlines helps build trust," he says. "That says you're a strong partner."

Tomer makes sure deadlines are met through's package tracking capabilities, so he and his customers stay informed. By entrusting these steps to a shipping partner, Tomer is free to forget logistics and focus on the design and management of his business.

Tomer's menswear collection is available in high-end stores, including Takashimaya in New York and Tokyo. - NU

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