Dress well with a tight budget

Dress well with a tight budget

Do you want to dress like a celebrity but do not have deep pockets? Great, so here are some tips for you to take a look at:

  • First, know your own silhouette and your own style. Do not follow trends that do not suit you. Most clothes look great on models like Kate Moss, but are not as beautiful on us normal women! Remember how many items you bought impulsively last season? And you did not even wear them!

  • Look at your wardrobe and make a list of what you already have and really want to keep. Then make a list of things you really want and have. Buying from a list will help you stay focused and minimize expensive impulse purchases.

  • Buy the best quality clothes and accessories at your fingertips. They'll just look better, last longer, wear less, wash better and save more money than buying a lot of low quality parts that will only last a few times.

  • For big items like costumes, dresses, coats, buy classic styles. These will stand the test of time and will not date as much as the clothes purchased from the latest trends. While for small items like bags and accessories, buy the trendiest and trendiest items to stay on the cutting edge of technology and choose the brightest colors (they will not make you fat!).

  • Buy for sale as much as possible. You can take the same item for half or even less money just months after the celebrities. Nobody will tell you that "it's old-fashioned", just for a few months. You can pick up some great bargains on the last days of the sale at famous stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols. And buy online, on Ebay if you are Internet Savvy.

  • Swap small items such as hats and bags with your best friends (of course, those who taste good only). There is no point in spending a lot of money on something you will only use once (well, it will be embarrassing if you wear the same clothes at important parties). So share them with your friends.

Ladies, dressing well does not have to cost a fortune. If you take a little time and thought to plan your needs, treat the purchase of your clothes as an investment.

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